VLC Media Player Hotkeys

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source, cross-platform multimedia player. It plays most codecs without the need for additional third party plugins to be installed. Since its release in 2001 VLC has become one of the most popular media players available on virtually any operating system with an interface designed so it can suit both desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

The original name stands for VideoLAN Client (or sometimes just “Video LAN”), but following issue of potential trademark conflicts with other software products that use this same abbreviation, they have renamed themselves to simply ‘VideoLan’.

  1. VLC Player is free.
  2. It’s available on all operating systems.
  3. You can play any video format with it, including MKV and AVI files. It supports most audio and video formats without the need for any external codecs.
  4. You can save your videos to a different file type (like MP4) for faster loading times or better quality.
  5. VLC Player has an intuitive interface.

VLC Hotkeys

The list of the available hotkeys and their functions can be viewed and configure in the Preferences panel of the software.

  • Tools, Preferences, HotKeys.
  • Under the Global column, double-click the value corresponding to the function you want a global key assigned to.
  • Press the key or key combination you want
  • Click Apply
  • Click Save

Following are default hotkeys:

EscExit full screen mode
SpacePause or play movie
VSubtitles on/ off
BSelect audio track
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Arrow DownVolume up/ down in 5% increments
Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 3 seconds forward/ backward
Alt+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 10 seconds forward/ backward
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftJump 1 minute forward/ backward
Ctrl+DOpen Disc menu
Ctrl+FOpen Folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl+RAdvanced open file
Ctrl+OOpen single file(s)
MMute and unmute audio
PPlay movie (from the very beginning)
SStop movie (not pause; this stops the movie completely)
[/ ]Increase/ decrease playback by 0.1x
=Adjust playback to normal (1.0x)
CChange screen Crop 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc.
AChange Aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4.:3, etc.
G/HDecrease/ increase subtitle delay
J/KDecrease/ increase audio delay
ZChange zoom mode
Ctrl+1 … 4Play Recent media
TShow time
Ctrl+TGoto time
EFrame by Frame Mode; continue pressing E to advance one frame at a time.
Ctrl+HHide Control
Ctrl+PPreferences/ interface settings
Ctrl+EAdjustments and audio/ video Effects
Ctrl+BEdit Bookmarks
Ctrl+MOpen Messages
Ctrl+NOpen Network
Ctrl+COpen Captue device
Ctrl+LOpen PlayList; press again to return to movie.
Ctrl+YSave playlist
Ctrl+IMedia Information
DToggle Deinterlace
NPlay next movie from playlist
PPlay previous movie from playlist
F1Show help
F11Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)
Ctrl+WQuit VLC

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