Top 15+ Symfony Bundles

When it comes to developing website using Symfony, we can’t deny bundles’ power. It is similar to Drupal’s modules and WordPress’s plugins.

Here are the most useful bundles:

    • FOSUserBundle: provides user management to handle common tasks such as user registration, login, and password retrieval. User information can be stored via Doctrine ORM or MongoDB/CouchDB ODM.
    • AdminThemeBundle: this is an admin theme based on the famous AdminLTE template.
    • EasyAdminBundle: creates administration backends for your Symfony applications with unprecedented simplicity.
    • FOSRestBundle: provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s with Symfony. It features a view layer to enable output and format agnostic Controllers, a custom route loader to generate url’s following REST conventions, header format negotiation including handling for custom mime types, RESTful decoding of HTTP request body and Accept headers, and exception controller for sending appropriate HTTP status codes.
    • KnpMenuBundle: integrates the KnpMenu PHP library with Symfony.
    • JMSSerializerBundle: integrates the serializer library into Symfony. It supports XML, JSON, and YAML.
    • FOSJsRoutingBundle: allows you to expose your routing in your JavaScript code
    • LiipImagineBundle: provides an image manipulation abstraction toolkit, including filters like thumbnail, scale, crop, flip, strip, watermark and post-processors.
    • KnpPaginatorBundle: a SEO friendly Symfony paginator to paginate everything.
    • FOSElasticaBundle: provides integration with Elasticsearch and Elastica with Symfony.
    • HWIOAuthBundle: OAuth1.0a and OAuth2 client integration.
    • VichUploaderBundle: supports file uploads with ORM entities and ODM documents. It can automatically name and save a file to a configured directory, inject the file back into the entity or document, delete the file, and generate public URLs to the file.
    • KnpSnappyBundle: generate PDF files and images from html using on webkit.
    • DoctrineFixturesBundle: integrates the Doctrine2 Data Fixtures library into Symfony so that user can load data fixtures programmatically into the Doctrine ORM or ODM.
    • MopaBootstrapBundle: a collection of code to integrate Twitter’s bootstrap theme.
    • AvalancheImagineBundle: image manipulation using Imagine and Twig Filters.
    • IvoryCKEditorBundle : provides a CKEditor integration. It automatically registers the new ckeditor form type .

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