Ninja Foodi Smart XL 6-In-1 Indoor Grill With 4-Quart Air Fryer Specs

Food is one of those things people like to keep on experimenting with. This indoor grill by Ninja Foodi allows you to explore the best-grilled food wherever and whenever you want.

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Here are some of its features.


It allows perfect grilling of the food with chargrill using the 500F technology of cyclonic grilling combined with a system of smart cooking. The 500F air cyclone and 500F grill grating in combination serve to bring the best of taste, texture, and feel to the food.

System for smart cooking

The device contains 4 types of settings for processing proteins along with 9 levels of customizable doneness. The smart thermometer by Foodi allows you to achieve the right levels of temperature with a single click. It eliminates the need for any type of guesswork in the art of grilling.

Extra large capacity

It grills 50% more food compared to the original base grill by Ninja Foodi. This makes it appropriate for the family sized meals. It can fit within itself at least twenty four hot dogs, side and main items, and almost six steaks at the same time and even more.

Six in one

You can use this grill to have the best of grilled dishes with the utmost char level perfection. You can even go beyond that with five additional functions that are provided in the device that includes Broil, Air Crisp, Dehydrate, roasting, and baking.

Lesser fat

The device provides crispy air fry technology that results in lowering down of fats by 75 percent than deep frying processes that involve the use of crispr baskets of 4 qt. It is tested for this feature against French fries that were hand-cut and fried deep. It also further contains a unique controlling system making it friendly to use for people with breathing issues.

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