18 Most Essential Car Accessories

Do you love driving your car around town? Do you take pride in the way it looks and want to keep it looking its best? Then we have some great news for you! In this blog post, we are going to be talking about essential car accessories that will help keep your vehicle looking sharp. Make sure to implement these simple strategies so that your transportation is always ready for anything!

18 Most Essential Car Accessories

  1. Tire pressure gauge adapter -This will ensure that you never get a flat tire and can prevent damage to your car. Sometimes it’s hard finding a place that has the right type or size tire for your car, but with these adapters they should be covered no matter where you go!
  2. Windshield wipers -Cars have windshields for a reason, so make sure they are always clean!
  3. Emergency kit – In case of an emergency in the middle of nowhere or if there is been a natural disaster somewhere nearby. This could come in handy even on short trips, like when driving out to rural areas where mobile networks may be unreliable. You never know when something could happen during your drive that requires some first aid like bandages and antiseptic wipes.
  4. An oil filter wrench (or pliers) – This will help you change your oil when needed.
  5. Emergency break cable – You never know what might happen, so this is a great safety precaution to have in case of an emergency brake failure.
  6. A gas can – If the unthinkable happens and you run out of gasoline mid drive, at least you’ll be able to get some more!
  7. Jumper cables – These are always good to keep around just in case someone gets stuck on the side of the road and needs a jump start. You may also want to have a battery pack on hand!
  8. A can of engine degreaser – If you’re doing any type of work under the hood, this is an essential tool.
  9. Car jack – Believe it or not people still use these sometimes instead of tow trucks so store one in your trunk just in case the unthinkable happens!
  10. Basic tools set (wrenches, screwdrivers) – Sometimes mechanics will charge extra for simple repairs that you are capable of completing yourself using these basic tools. A lug wrench can be used to change a tire, remove a wheel for road trips or to make sure your chains are securely fastened. You never know when you’ll need a screwdriver or pliers, so it’s best to have all the basics on hand for any situation.
  11. Nuts and bolts – Make sure you have these on hand if the need arises!
  12. Small flashlights– Whether you’re trying to change a flat at night or find something under the hood of an unfamiliar car, having one handy will be invaluable. When nighttime approaches it may become more difficult to see behind and under your vehicle for potential problems like flat tires. A good flashlight can save you from being stranded somewhere remote at night.
  13. Lockers – These little lockable storage bins hold all of those things that tend to get lost: sunglasses, wallets, phone chargers and more.
  14. Duct tape – This versatile tool can fix almost anything from leaky hoses to broken wiper blades in an emergency. Consider always carrying some with you just in case!
  15. Extra fan belt – No one wants their engine overheating while they’re out on the open road.
  16. Extra fuses – It’s never fun when your car stops in the middle of nowhere because one fuse blew out, so be sure to carry a spare or two with you just in case!
  17. Cable ties – These smaller items are great for securing loose wiring that may otherwise create an unexpected hazard while driving around town. They’re also perfect for bundling up cables where they might get tangled if left free such as on the backseat headrests. Consider keeping some handy whenever traveling by car.
  18. Dash cam – It is required by law in most states to have a dash cam running whenever you’re driving. This is because it can help police see what actually happened if they pull over your car for any reason. It’s also useful when you want to study the quality of your drive or be able to recreate accidents so that liability can be determined.

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