15 Interesting Facts About Apple

Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world and it has been for a long time. It’s also one of the biggest corporations, which means that there are many interesting facts about Apple that only an insider would know.

The following 15 facts may surprise you – or they may not. Either way, they’re all worth knowing if you want to get to know this amazing company better!

Interesting Facts About Apple

15 Interesting Facts About Apple

The name “Apple” came from Steve Jobs. When Steve Jobs was asked what his favorite fruit was, he replied that it’s an Apple. The name stuck and became known as the iconic company we all know today – Apple!

Apple originally had three co-founders, with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak being the company’s first two creators. After just 12 days in operation, the third founder, Ronald Wayne, left the firm. He sold his 10% stake for $800, plus an extra $1,500 in profit.

The first computer they built had a wooden case because they couldn’t afford metal ones!

They called their computers “Apple I” and “Apple II”.

Apple’s logo was designed by Ronald Wayne who also helped start the company. The first company logo featured a drawing of the father of physics, Sir Isaac Newton.

The Apple Lisa was the first computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) and also the first to use a mouse. It was a failure. 2,700 wound up in a landfill somewhere near Utah back then. And now you can find them for sale on eBay if you are willing to spend some money!

Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous. But if you smoke while using an Apple computer- beware! Apple has a “no smoking” restriction on their computers. The warranty will be void and there’s no going back from that now 😉

The first Apple iPod has an easter egg hidden inside of it. To find this special feature, users need only go into their ‘about’ menu and hold down the center button on your device for just a few seconds- you’ll get started with playing Breakout!

Tony Fadell’s plan to create a revolutionary portable music player began with the iPod. He had originally offered it as an invention for both Real Networks and Philips, but they turned down his offer because of its uniqueness. The iPod was a major success for Apple.

The iPod is named after one of the most iconic movies in history, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It’s hard to believe that Apple made more money than Amazon and Google combined in the first quarter of 2014.

When Steve Wozniak needed capital to start Apple, he had no choice but to sell his favorite scientific calculator.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cameras? For many people, it is an old-fashioned black and white camera. But there was a time when these devices took color photographs as well! The Apple Company created its very own digital scale for capturing images with oversaturation in mind.

The original iPhone didn’t have a headphone jack. So, if you wanted to use headphones with it, you needed to use an adapter that came in the box.

Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, once worked for IBM as a supply chain manager.

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