What is Computer Graphic?

Computer graphics are images that are produced by a computer. This can be in the form of digital art, animations, or even video games. There is an entire industry devoted to creating these types of images and it has grown exponentially over the years. Some people might think that they know what computer graphics are because they see them all the time on their computers or phones; but there’s way more to it than you realize!

Computer graphics, also known as CGI or CG, is an image created by a machine. This can be anything from digital art to animations to video games.

Some common uses for computer-generated imagery (CGI) are special effects like weather phenomena, explosions and other things that would be difficult or impossible to capture through traditional means.

Computer Graphics’ Applications

When it comes to creating a movie or TV show, the most important thing is how great of an impact you can have on your audience. A strong story with relatable characters and amazing visuals will be remembered for much longer than something that’s more focused on technology like computer graphics (CG). Computer-generated imagery has been used in feature films since 19th century; however today CG is heavily relied upon for special effects such as weather phenomena, explosions and other things which are difficult if not impossible to capture through traditional means.

Just about all forms of art are computer graphics. While hand drawn artwork is still used for some purposes, most finalized art created by graphic designers for use in websites, corporate logos, and advertising is made with a computer. Digital media’s advantages like easy transportation printing & editing has led to other formats’ decline such as comic books which now often scan drawings into the computers using illustration programs.

The graphics are created for film and television special effects. These can be lifelike or photorealistic creations that blend seamlessly into a scene filmed with real actors, animals, etc., but also digital sequences of action in which nothing was actually filmed – the entire scene is computer-generated.

In the past, computer graphics were created by a big team. These creations set a high bar for other companies and forms of visual media. However, some critics have been critical about their use in filmmaking as they consider it just another creative tool at filmmakers’ disposal.

Computer graphics make up almost the whole of video games. When video games changed to CD formats in the 1990s, some games used live footage with digital images mixed together. These were not very successful. The industry has traditionally used computer graphics for characters, environments, and action because they are more successful.

Though the images in video games have improved a lot, the way they are made is still the same.

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