10+ Scary Facts About Computers

Your computer is more than just a tool. It’s more like an extension of your personality, and it has the potential to make you more creative, productive, and connected while also making you less safe. And that’s no exaggeration! This article will explore some of the scary facts about computers that may be hidden in plain sight.

A dual-chip NVIDIA graphics card will get hot enough to fry an egg when the fan speed is decreased by around 10%.

Hackers can use your webcam to spy on you or capture compromising images without you knowing it.

You can get a computer virus by opening an email or visiting a website that contains a virus.

There are some viruses that will actually delete everything on your hard drive if you open it in Microsoft Word.

Cybercriminals have been known to hack people’s computers and use the webcam on their victim’s computer to capture compromising images without them knowing it.

If you get a message from your bank or PayPal saying there was suspicious activity on your account and they want you to click on an included link, it’s usually a phishing scam and they’re just trying to get your personal information. Don’t click any links in such messages; instead, go directly to your bank or PayPal website by typing their URL into the address bar of your web browser yourself.

In 2010, Google processed more than 1 billion search queries every day.

Apple’s 2008 iPhone launch saw 10 million devices sold within 74 days, which made it the fastest-selling product of all time.

There are tiny cameras called “spy cams” that are small enough to fit in your pocket and are hidden inside items like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, picture frames, wall clocks, etc.

Blue light from LED displays disrupts sleep cycles.

You can put a computer in sleep mode and still access the internet, but doing so will cause your bandwidth to be limited.

There are viruses that can steal your passwords or credit card information from any website you visit.

Using an iPad can cause neck pain because it forces you to keep your head at an angle instead of being able to look straight ahead.

Phantom vibrate syndrome is when you think your device is vibrating in your pocket, but really it’s not. This can cause people to use their phones more often than they normally would. This syndrome is real.

1 thought on “10+ Scary Facts About Computers”

  1. My favorites:
    1. Computers can be used to spy on you – both government and private organizations can use your computer to spy on you, tracking your activity, reading your emails, and even capturing webcam footage.

    2. Your computer can be used to steal your identity – criminals can use your computer to access your personal information like bank account details, social security number, and other sensitive data.

    3. Computers are vulnerable to malware and viruses – these malicious programs can damage or even hijack your computer, leading to data loss or even theft.

    4. Computers can be hacked – hackers can gain access to your computer system without you ever knowing, allowing them to steal sensitive information or even take control of your computer.

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