Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Tips – How to Save, Fast Travel, Use Shortcuts, Get Good Ending

If you are a fan of Castlevania, you shouldn’t miss this game. The protagonist, Miriam, is a woman who, through alchemical experiments, became a shardbinder. She is part human, part crystal, and capable of wielding the powers of demons in the form of shards.

How to Save

The game only allows players to save in red rooms. When visiting this type of room, you will see a bench. Sit on it to save.

How to Fast Travel

Running around in maze-like passages is a pain at first. If you know how to fast travel, you don’t need to run through entire passages.

Fast Travel using a mirror in a green room

There are 2 ways to fast travel in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

The first one is to use the Waystone item to appear in the town instantly. You use this one when you need to visit Johannes and Dominique to buy or upgrade items, shards, and equipment.

The 2nd one is via the mirror in a green room. When you have access to 2 green rooms, you can travel between them. Each region has a green room.

Use Shortcuts

Pressing L2/LT brings out many selectable circles. Most players see their weapon removed after clicking on a circle.

Each one is a loadout with equipment and shards. You must set them in the Shortcuts menu first.

Use the Reflector Ray

Reflector Ray is an ability shard. It allows players to traverse by bouncing in reflective surfaces.

To use it, equip the shard in the Directional category then aim with the right analog at reflective surfaces. You will appear where the light end.

How to swim

Players can swim after equipping Aqua Stream Shard. This one is dropped by a jellyfish enemy.

Remember to explore the Dian Cecht Cathedral and track down the Blood Drain Shard. Then use blood draining ability to drain the blood fountain to access the castle’s lower depths.

How to fight the final boss and get the good ending

In order to reveal the true final boss and get the best ending you need to acquire the Zangetsuto.

  1. Obtain the Zangetsuto
    • Get to Oriental Sorcery Lab – there are powers and items you must get to access this area
      • Craftwork – obtained from the boss in Dian Cecht Cathedral.
      • Invert – obtained from the boss in the Hidden Desert.
      • Spike Immunity – Get the Aegis Plate from a treasure chest in the Towers of Twin Dragons.
    • Defeat Zangetsu
  2. Reveal the Demon Gremony – Equip the Zangetsuo then fight Gebel in the Hall of Termination. Attack the moon when it turns red then slice it with the Zangetsuto to free Gebel from the power of Gremory.
  3. Find Gremory – Go to the red hallway above the carriage in the Garden of Silence then slice the red moon the enter the Den of Behemoths. Explore the dungeon till the end to find and defeat the demon.

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