Odoo Module Boilerplate

Odoo offers a way to scaffold a module with the built-in command line. If you are new to Odoo development, the created module still lacks some features for reference. That’s why I create this Odoo module boilerplate.

List of features:

  • Create a custom model with:
    • Kanban, tree, and form.
    • Search views with custom Group By, Filter, Search condition.
    • Auto-generated sequence Name field.
  • Inherit product.template table to add new field and show it in XML template.
  • Add custom action to custom model.
  • Add custom report (html format).
  • Add fields to Settings page.
  • Controllers to show detail custom model info.
  • Confirmed working with Odoo 12.

What to do after downloading the source code:

  • Change module folder’s name.
  • Modify settings in __manifest__.py file.
  • Search and replace the custom model product.resource (product_resource for views) with yours.
  • Remove the function you don’t use.

Download on Github

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