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FileZilla is the best free FTP software for both developers and webmasters. It allow you to access to files on your website directly, which means you can upload/download files, remove, change, delete modifications to your site from your computer.

FileZilla is an award-winning FTP client that you can use for super fast, secure file transfers and remote website editing. Used by over 100 million people across the globe, FileZilla is a free and open source software solution to securely transfer files online – no paying monthly subscriptions or expensive downloads needed!

FileZilla provides a painless way of transferring files over the internet. Transfer large files or many small ones with no problem. FileZilla is designed for simplicity and efficiency, but also features powerful performance capabilities: like resuming broken transfers. And we deliver all this as professional open source software, free of charge under the terms of GNU GPLv2+.

6 FileZilla Tips

Connect to SFTP/SSH server

FileZilla allows you to connect to a SFTP/SSH server.

  • File > Site Manager
  • New Site

Then input as following:

  • Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host: [IP/url]
  • Port: 22 or leave blank
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: Your username
  • Password: Your password

Show hidden files

Some servers hide special files like .htaccess. In order to view or modify this file, you need to make the servers reveal them.

  • Server > For showing hidden files

After clicking on this menu, you need to tick on a checkbox in the warning popup to make it not appear again in the future.

Synchronized browsing

This is an extremely useful feature if you keep browsing up and down the directory tree. Toggling the feature via the sync icon on FileZilla’s toolbar.

Processing terminated file transfers

Failed transfers can happen sometimes due to poor internet connection of either your internet or your server. When this happen, you can let FileZilla download them again.

  • Transfer > Process Queue

Edit file remotely

You don’t need to download a file to your computer, edit it then upload again. Any remote files can be edited via right-click > View/Edit.

This feature is useful to edit files which don’t need synchronizing between server and local host like database or server configuration.

Search remote files

One of the best ways to keep track of missing transfers is finding remote files to see whether they exist or change.

  • Server > Search remote files …

FileZilla Hotkeys

Keyboard ShortcutDescription
F2Rename selected file
F3Search remote files
F5Refreshes local and remote file and folder views
TabSwitches to the next view
Alt+DownTransfers the currently selected item to an item of the same name in the other panel
Alt+UpNavigates up one line in a tree view (same as Up Arrow), navigates to parent folder in file view
Ctrl+BAdd bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+BManage bookmarks
Ctrl+CStops the current operation
Ctrl+DDisconnects from server
Ctrl+EShow files currently being edited
Ctrl+IDirectory listing filters …
Ctrl+MManual transfer
Ctrl+Shift+Ncreate a new directory
Ctrl+OEnable directory comparison
Ctrl+PProcess queue
Ctrl+RReconnects to server
Ctrl+SOpens the Site Manager
Ctrl+TOpens a new tab
Ctrl+UPreserve timestamps of transferred files
Ctrl+YToggle synchronized browsing
Ctrl+WClose tab
EnterTransfers the currently selected item if it is a file or expands it if it is a directory
Ctrl+PgUp/PgDnswitches to next/previous tab
Up ArrowMoves up one item in the current view
Down ArrowMoves down one item in the current view
Left ArrowNothing in a files view, Up one level in a tree view
Right ArrowDown one level in a tree view, if there are subfolders, nothing if there are none. Pressing once expands a collapsed node. Pressing again steps down into it

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