Blogging Vs Instagram: Who Wins for Business Promotion?

Just a few years ago, blogging was one of the most popular channels for knowledge exchange. It is still widely used and accounts for a large proportion of information-sharing mediums, but with the boom of social media came easier alternatives. 

Blogging vs Instagram – which is better for business promotion? Is there a major difference between them? You’ve come to the correct post if you’re seeking answers to these questions. 

With social media’s recent proliferation, particularly Instagram’s, many individuals are unable to distinguish between bloggers and Instagrammers. It’s easy to see why, given that many Instagrammers identify as bloggers although they don’t have a blog.

Writing extensive captions for Instagram pictures and taking nice pictures doesn’t automatically qualify you as an Instagrammer. So what does each entail and which benefits business more in this modern age? Do read on while we tackle all these questions. 

Let’s get started!

Who is an Instagrammer?

Everyone who uses Instagram qualifies as an Instagrammer. It may be someone with 15 followers or someone with 150k followers. It makes no difference. You are an Instagrammer if you are using the app to upload content often. 

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who runs a website and produces blog articles on various topics. It might be on any topic from technology, to finance, travel, fashion, fitness, food to science. A blogger doesn’t necessarily have to own a website. However, they must have one where they consistently provide information to an audience through various blog posts.

Blogging Vs Instagramming: Where Both Worlds Collide

Now comes the source of confusion— Influencing. An influencer is someone who can affect the conduct and views of others. They often specialize in a certain niche and have a loyal audience. 

Bloggers and Instagrammers may both be influencers if they have a following that is motivated and influenced by them. Here’s a good example. TV celebrities are natural influencers. They are usually popular through fame from acting, sports, social media, or politics. 

Let’s say your favorite sportsperson recommends particular footwear that’s great to use. If it’s within your budget or relatively affordable, you’ll naturally make it a priority to get one. This is influencer power.

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering, which is better for business promotion, blogging, or Instagram? Both have advantages and disadvantages. But not to worry, we discuss the pros and cons of both mediums. 

Blogging Vs. Instagram: Which Has Greater Business Promotion Benefits?


The most important aspect of any online media for businesses, whether Instagram, websites or other platforms, is the audience base. The larger the audience base, the better. Building a readership is a difficulty that every blogger encounters. And for Instagrammers, gaining followership can be tough.

However, Instagram makes it simple to grow an audience because it already has a large user base who just needs an attractive picture or video to follow an account. In comparison, attracting an audience to one’s blogging website is difficult since it requires the search engine to readily promote one’s website. That’s why SEO optimization is indispensable for bloggers.

In the long run, the audience base formed by the blogging website is more real than that of social media platforms like Instagram. This is because a blog is more beneficial to readers. They are more likely to return to the site when they value the content. 

Instagram content may not be as beneficial or comprehensive. However, many people like using social media and a vast majority of people consume content there. 

In a nutshell, Instagram has an advantage in establishing an audience quickly, while blogging is better for obtaining genuine audience support. 

If your business goal is to reach more people, you could choose Instagram. However, if you intend to access a loyal community that’ll support your brand, perhaps blogs are better. 


Instagram features a simpler and more user-friendly user interface. The app’s menus, buttons, and structure make it effortless to use and navigate. 

Due to the platform’s wide audience and popularity, various specialists work round the clock to ensure that you can use the app safely and conveniently.

All you need to do is open an Instagram account and subsequently manage it. You may need to follow some Instagram tips at the start, but soon it’ll get easier.

On the other side of the coin, establishing a blogging website is not trivial. To maintain a blogging website, one must be familiar with technical terms such as domain, web development tools, hosting, SEO optimization, and so on. Starting and maintaining a blog site also necessitates a little expenditure on hosting and buying a domain name.

Instagram has the upper hand in this regard. As blogging platforms require a lot more assistance to manage.

Content Quality

Before now, Instagram was less focused on quality. Instead it was centered around pretty visuals and getting instant likes

However, nowadays people demand good content all-round. Many people now write long detailed captions on Instagram, to describe visual content or provide a review. 

In a blogging platform, a good quality blog post can drive traffic and new audiences to the website.  People frequently want to read a comprehensive guide on something they need. This, however, is not feasible on Instagram. 

When someone is interested in a product on Instagram, seeing it in visual format is not necessarily enough to satiate curiosity. However, a successful blog will supply the consumer with the most in-depth details about the product. 

In summary, a blog post will be a more helpful determining element for anyone considering buying a product. In terms of aesthetics, Instagram piques your interest more. However, a blog will be better suited for answering all the burning questions that your audience asks.

Revenue Generation 

When it comes to income generation, blogs are more flexible than Instagram. 

As much as Instagram allows businesses to run ads, buying and selling can’t happen directly on the app. You may have to direct leads to another platform where they can pay for your products. Whereas, people can see products and pay for them via a blog.

Also, the use of links is limited on Instagram with only stories and account bios capable of bearing one. So, even as a business, there’s a limit to how you can link your account to your ecommerce store. 

Besides, unlike Instagram, you can put adverts on your blog and be compensated for it.

A single blog post can be repurposed and reused when required. Several blog posts can be sent to various venues and serve as a platform for passive revenue. 

Bloggers can also include marketing links that provide a commission on the purchase of the product through the link. Hence when it comes to income generation, bloggers have more avenues than Instagrammers.


Authenticity is a scarce commodity to come by on both Instagram and blogs. This reason is that many of these people get paid to endorse a product or topic. 

However, considering the nature of social media, Instagrammers may not be able to  provide detailed guides on products like bloggers can. Plus, you’ll often find Instagram influencers who serve their income more than their audience. 

In blogs, a good blogger often writes to help the audience. A blog offers more authenticity in information than an Instagram platform. 

Better Community

Blogs are more effective at fostering a community of like-minded individuals. Several users follow an Instagram page when something strikes their eye, yet many still unfollow the page soon after. 

Since little time is often spent on these pages, there is no strong foundation upon which to build a connection. And although social media technology is superior, it’s prone to being superficial. 

In comparison, people spend time reading blogs and providing their opinions. They often leave comments and connect with other readers as well as the author. A community easily arises from a blog and when properly maintained, it can be unique and highly beneficial. 

Bottom Line 

Instagram is certainly leading the influencer trade these days, but blogging is evergreen. Even in the far future, blogging still looks like an effective means to get information and promote your business. 

However, with social media evolution, you’re likely better off promoting your business on Instagram. Generally, the best cause of action will be to combine both aspects, as many businesses do, to reap their full benefits. 

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