Black Butler Popular Characters and Their Birthdays

Black Butler is an anime that has been airing since 2008. The show follows the life of demon butler Sebastian Michaelis and his master Ciel Phantomhive as they battle against injustice in England at the turn of the century.

Known Birthdays

  • December 14 – Ciel
  • January 1st – Elizabeth
  • November 5th – Alois
  • April 2nd – Joker
  • May 22nd – Beast

Popular Characters

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis is the protagonist of Black Butler and the head butler of Earl Phantomhive. He is often called by a variety of other names, such as “The Grim Reaper” or “King Shadow.”

Sebastian has a serious demeanor with strong morals that make him an ideal servant to those who deserve it. However, because he cannot stand seeing people suffer, he also goes out of his way to help others in need at any given time.

He takes care of all aspects of Ciel’s life from making breakfast for them both every morning to assisting him whenever necessary during business meetings. Sebastian will not hesitate if something needs doing: even if it means killing someone without feeling remorse or hesitation in order to save the ones closest to himself and Ciel.

Sebastian also has a sense of humor that is often dark and witty, but it can be warm as well depending on the situation. He does not hold his tongue when he disapproves of something or someone; to him nothing in life should go uncriticized or without being put into perspective, no matter how much people may dislike his input.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel's birthday: December 14

Ciel is the young noble head of Phantomhive and has been since he was nine years old.

He is dignified, prone to anger when provoked, impatient, shrewd, intelligent with a talent for business and negotiation – but also naive in some respects. He does not hesitate to use violence if necessary to get what he wants; this includes being willing to kill people without remorse or hesitation as long as it’s for his own sake or that of those close by him. Ciel carries himself like an aristocrat and commands respect from everyone around him whether they want it or not.

His childhood until age eight were spent unaware of any crimes committed under his family name because everything had always gone smoothly before then. Then one day the clocktower at the family estate was set on fire and Ciel found out about his parents’ connection to the underworld.

In order to get revenge for what had happened, he agreed with Sebastian’s offer of becoming a demon but wants nothing else other than world domination by turning humans into ghouls who will serve him or be killed off if they do not obey their master willingly.

He is also known as “The Queen” which means that he has absolute power over all vampires in England according to vampire law ever since it became public knowledge that he is infact male. He can compel any one of them including Alois Trancy and Undertaker (who are both very strong)to submit to his orders despite being human himself.

Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff is a person who used to be the butler for Madam Red. He became a Grim Reaper when he died. He allies with Madam Red, creating an alliance that kill prostitutes together.

I love how Grell is the only person who can be themselves all day, no matter what anyone says. They’ll never stop being totally devoted to things that mean the most to them and they’re not afraid of showing their emotions when others try turning down their feelings.


Mei-Rin is a clumsy Chinese maid who does not have good sight due to her myopia. Despite this, Sebastian also claims her biggest issue is not her eyesight but rather her intellect. Mei-rin has a crush on Sebastian because she blushes whenever he is around her, and becomes even more clumsy when he’s watching.

Mei-Rin often makes terrible mistakes, but the silliness is entertaining and Sebastian does his best to help her.

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