Best PS2 RPG Games of All Time

With dozens of RPGs out there for PS2, the era was extremely successful for the genre fans. But then, if you had to choose only 10 games from all those names, what would your top list include? It is definitely a complicated choice, but it can be done. Judging by the popularity all over the world, some role playing games have managed to stand up in the crowd.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII takes place in Ivalice. Princess Ashe is the only survivor to the Dalmascan throne, so she has to stand up for what is right and fight. She makes friends, but she also sees some of her fellow allies die. All in all, this new game is different from other RPGs because it changes your perspective on the series. There are countless gaming possibilities within every scenario, so each player has a unique experience. Two players are less likely to follow exactly the same path to complete a mission.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time is not really the best selling RPGs for PS2, but those who played it will always put it among the front runners. Why? It is simple. Its characters are outstanding. At the same time, the battle system leaves no room for flaws. It is deep, exciting and extremely active. There is a wide plethora of things to do while playing. You can turn a basic character into a fighting monster. At some point or another, you are actually forced to do it due to the challenging tasks. The story is not the best though, yet it is quite interesting. Most importantly, it is unique.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Darkness gathers in the sprawling Baldur’s Gate. The city is slowly deteriorating, while most of the people are dead. Some others fear going out due to a dangerous gang of thieves. This is when you – the player – step in. You only have a sword. You are not supposed to know all these, so you get to learn them the hard way. With time, you become the only thing in the way of a great threat. The storyline is exciting, while the action keeps you hooked in for hours.

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII has anything you might need, including better graphics when compared to the previous version. The game is long and might become stressful after a while, but the storyline compensates for it. The battle system did not “suffer” too many upgrades. All in all, this game maintains the old school RPG style. The good news is that nothing repeats in it, so you are constantly surprised.

Shadow Hearts II

Shadow Hearts II is the leading RPG to plenty of PS2 players. Unfortunately, it did not benefit from the popularity and marketing of other games. Basically, it has anything you can think of. The story is not the best, but the battle system will kill everything. It is funny, addictive and exciting. Each character has unique characteristics, while the game is long and gives you a series of possibilities. If you truly love RPGs, this is a must-play release, so give it a shot.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria is ranked among the most addictive RPGs released for PS2. The graphics leave no room for mistakes. The battle system blends into the decor and can make the fights more exciting. They are funny, rather than aggressive. Unlike other RPGs, this one is not all about slaying everyone, but about coming up with a strategy. It has a few major improvements over the first release. Most importantly, you are no longer pressured by time, so you can take your time and do whatever you want in there.

Xenosaga Ep. 3

This is the last episode of the series, but the developer has seriously raised the standards with it. The storyline may not kill you, but it is still worth a shot. The game is even better for those who played the second episode. All the bugs from it have been successfully cleared. This last episode is slightly simplified, but easier to play. As for the battle system, you will get hooked in from the first fight. It just boosts energy and the will to slay everything around you.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X comes with some premieres. This is the first game of the series for PS2. It is also the first one to rely on voice acting. At the same time, the cinematic approach to storytelling will hook you in from the first second. It simply takes this aspect to the next level. As for the game play, it represents a mixture between RPGs and TBSs. When battling, you end up with a turn based battle. When exploring around, you have the option to do whatever goes through your mind.

Dark Cloud 2

Also known as Dark Chronicle in the United Kingdom, Dark Cloud 2 puts you in an innovative young man’s body. The story begins with an unusual visit. Someone from the future visits you and tells you that the world is about to end if you do not correct others’ mistakes. At that point, you need to invent specific equipment and repair weaponry to win your battles. Apart from the addictive story, this game also boosts your creativity.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

The storyline introduces you to a small town shattered by horrific murders. You become the only one who can restore harmony, so you need to split yourself between fights, classes, jobs, friends and everyday tasks. Team control is amazing, while strong friendships become the key to being successful. Completing this RPG takes dozens of hours of intense playing. It is not all about killing everyone, but also about investigating murders and making connections. Therefore, it works on your detective skills too. Sometimes, you might get stuck. Go through all the clues once again and your problems will be history.

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