10 Famous Apps Built with React Native

React Native is a popular and reliable open-source cross-platform for mobile app development frameworks. Apps developed with React Native are cost-efficient and high-performance. React Native got immense popularity amongst developers.  Here are some of the popular mobile apps made with React Native


Airbnb is one of the most renowned mobile apps made with React Native. As of now, sixty members are working on React per day in the development teams; this is in accordance with the AirBnB software engineer. It’s possible developing reusable code as well as relatively simple and easy to refactor it with React.


React Native is Facebook’s hackathon project built in reply to the needs and demands of the company. Facebook seeks to bring all the perks of web development- like fast iterations and just having a team develop the entire product for mobile devices. That’s how React Native was brought to market.


This app offers financial news as well as international business to subscribers. They had to spend so much time creating and updating the versions of the Android and iOS apps. Prior to adopting React Native, it assisted Bloomberg with the main goal that delivering on the guarantee of cross-app development.


Migrating the current up to a new system is a challenging job. As the Instagram app has a simple User Interface, adopting a new system was easier for them. The considerable effects which React Native brought to the mobile app were simple maintenance for iOS and Android platforms.


This company has already revealed its state-of-the-art approach in presenting node.js into its stack. They also boosted their mobile application to React Native. The company is triumphant to increase its app’s performance both on Android and iOS by using some resources in a short period.


Gyroscopes collaborate with HealthKit and enable users to see the entire story of their life. With the assistance of React Native, it was easier for them to integrate lots of minimal functionalities, which makes it all possible.


Even if React Native includes a small part of this mobile application, it still adds an important experience for the users concerning UI and UX.


This app allows clients to order online from their chosen grocery stores, wine, and drink stores, local restaurants, and other service providers. With the assistance of React Native, they can connect with clients and companies with ease and no hassle.


This is a digital platform that offers web design and web hosting services. Users are able to make their sites and web app in CSS/HTML or their mobile version. They use React Native to overcome inefficiency and boost productivity.


This is a popular travel guide app that unites travelers and visitors with locals to acquire a list of their preferred places. They make use of ReactJS for frontend development for the web app which influenced them to op to React Native for mobile app development. It advanced speed in deployment, development as well as code sharing.

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