How to Create a Thumbnail with CodeIgnitor

Uploading images is a common task on almost every website. Only displaying the original images will make the site load slower. That’s why we need to create a thumbnail for each image and show it on the list page. CodeIgniter provides a nice built-in library for creating thumbnails without having to write a lot of code.

CodeIgnitor provides a built-in class called Image Manipulation to make creating thumbnails easy to complete.

Image Manipulation class allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Resizing
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Cropping
  • Rotating
  • Watermarking
$image = ‘.upload/gallery/test_image_001.jpg’

$config_manip = array(
‘image_library’ => ‘gd2’,
‘source_image’ => $image,
‘new_image’ => $image,
‘maintain_ratio’ => TRUE,
‘create_thumb’ => TRUE,
‘thumb_marker’ => ‘_thumbnaul’,
‘width’ => 150,
‘height’ => 150,


This function will create a 150×150 thumbnail called test_image_001_thumbnail.jpg in ./upload/gallery/.

All available parameters of Image Manipulation can be found at

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