4 Best React Native Templates to Help You Kick-Start Your Project

React Native has gained momentum to become a popular framework to create cross-platform apps. Developers choose React Native because we want to make apps for multi-platforms faster.

Are you looking for a way to quickly get started on your React Native project? With the right template, you can save time and effort by having a ready-made starting point for your project. In this article, we’ll take a look at four of the best React Native templates that can help you kick-start your project.

Kitten Tricks

Kitten Tricks is a React Native mobile starter kit that contains over 40 screens. These screens range from app loaders to authentication screens such as login, signup, and password recovery. Additionally, the template includes social screens such as user profiles, profile settings, notifications, contacts, and feeds.

There are also screens for article lists and article detail, chat, dashboard, and settings. The template also can support in-app theme hot reload and currently only has a Navigation Drawer menu type. Future updates are anticipated to include Bottom Navigation support.

Ignite CLI

Ignite CLI simplifies the process of creating a React Native app. It has a range of boilerplates and plugins which provide a great starting point for developers. These boilerplates and plugins are equipped with the best practices so that developers can get their apps up and running with minimal effort. Additionally, the boilerplate code works on both iOS and Android platforms.

React Native Template

This template is developed by Yalantis. They have gathered some experience and preferences in architecture and libraries and put in this template to share with React Native community. React Native Template cover mostly-used flows: login flow, items lists, and item detail. It also supports many popular React Native plugins, including Navigator, Strings Localization, Networking with rx-fetch and rxjs, Maps, Permissions, Image Picker, OpenGL, Fabric, Icons, UI components, and Dialogs.


Shoutem, built on top of React Native,  is a platform to build, publish, and manage React Native apps. Shoutem uses the extension, a self-contained and complete functionality that can be reused as their way to help developers include different features in an app without writing it from scratch. The platform already has over 40 extensions/features – RSS, video, book, business, map, etc… – for you to quickly build an Android or iOS app.

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