What is Agility Robotics Digit?

In recent years, automation technology has seen a surge in development, revolutionizing the way we live and work. From self-driving cars to automated manufacturing processes, automation has made many aspects of life more efficient and convenient. Now, the next wave of automation is set to be even more revolutionary: human-centric robots. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way humans interact with machines, and could even lead to the development of robots that can assist humans in their daily lives.

One of the most exciting examples of this technology is Agility Robotics’ Digit, a bipedal robot designed for near-term commercial success in warehouse and logistics operations.

Digit is the first of many of Agility Robotics’ plans to produce robots that can effectively work with and alongside humans to help facilitate work in a variety of industries. With its expanded capabilities, Digit is now poised to make an impact in the robotics industry by ushering in a new era of robots that are designed to interact with people and efficiently complete everyday tasks.

What is Agility Robotics Digit?

Agility Robotics Digit is a bipedal multipurpose robot that has been designed for near-term commercial success in warehouse and logistics operations. It is designed to go where people go and do useful work safely in spaces designed for people. The latest iteration of Digit was introduced at the ProMat conference in Chicago in March 2023.

The idea behind Digit is to provide a bipedal robot that is capable of completing basic tasks like picking up and delivering straight-line objects, as well as its ability to react and interact with human beings. It resembles a human with two moving arms and legs. The addition of the head gives Digit more realistic eye-hand coordination, better visual recognition, and improved speed and accuracy in interactions with people. Additionally, the manipulators grant Digit the ability to move objects around the workplace.

Digit is the first humanoid robot specifically designed for logistical tasks such as carrying, sorting, and transporting items around warehouses and other industrial settings. Its design is carefully done to ensure that the robot can navigate and operate in human spaces while performing various tasks. The robot is built to be lightweight and efficient, and its ability to move around on two legs allows it to access areas that traditional wheeled robots cannot. This makes it ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers where it can move goods around efficiently. With its latest version, Agility Robotics is hoping to take the robot’s usefulness to the next level with the addition of hands designed to move totes, which control the flow of goods in a warehouse.

What Can Digit Do?

Digit is primarily designed for bulk material handling within warehouses and distribution centers. The robot’s primary task is to move goods around safely and efficiently in human spaces. With its latest version, Digit has added a head for human-robot interaction, which will help humans better understand what the robot is doing. The head provides a focal point for HRI, which will make it easier for humans to interact with the robot.

Digit’s new hands have been designed to do one thing: move totes. These plastic bins control the flow of goods in a warehouse, and Digit’s hands are specifically designed to manipulate them safely and efficiently. The hands are not human-like, but they are precisely what Digit needs to do the job it is designed for. The addition of hands makes Digit more versatile than ever, and Agility Robotics is hoping to use the robot as an entry point to a sustainable and profitable business bringing bipedal robots into the workplace.

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