One-Punch Man: Birthdays, Popular Characters

The anime One-Punch Man is a smashing success with fans all over the world. It has been praised for its unique animation style and excellent voice acting, but most importantly it’s an amazing show that people love to binge watch!

One-Punch Man Characters Birthdays

We don’t know much about this anime’s characters’ birthdays. The only info we know is Saitama’s age.

How Old is Saitama?

The protagonist, Saitama is 25 years old.

Popular Characters

What are your favorite characters? Who do you rank as the best of the best in this awesome series? Join us on this ranking article where we will share our picks for who should be at number one!


One-Punch Man’s protagonist, and as the title suggests he only needs one punch to defeat his enemies. Emotionless, but has a kind heart inside. He is easily bored of fighting because it seems too easy for him now. One thing that motivates Saitama is gaining recognition from society.

The strength of this character lies in its simplicity – everything about him is ordinary and what we might imagine an average person doing if they had amazing power like Saitama does! His story may be simple which makes it endearing given how hard many heroes’ stories are these days with all their tragedy or angst (even though you can find plenty of those things in OPM).

Mumen Rider

In the anime, Mumen Rider is a hero who fights against evil with his giant weaponized bike. He is the main hero of a long running manga series, Dr. Slump

In One-Punch Man anime and manga, he has been shown to be inept at fighting due to his lack of physical strength or experience in combat (this may change after more development). Despite this being true for Mumen Rider’s story so far, it does not make him any less important!

Mumen Rider is still incredibly powerful and packs an emotional punch because we get to see the contrast between how strong Saitama can be when compared to the incompetent meekness that Mumen displays during battle.


Genos is another fans’ favorite character. This cyborg is one of the most powerful fighters in One-Punch Man and has a lot to offer.

When he was younger, he lost his town and his family. To gain revenge against the cyborg that destroyed them, he became stronger- at only 15 years old.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

He is a so-called eternal rival of Saitama and is a S-Class criminal. He is known for his speed and sound-based attacks.

Over the course of One-Punch Man, he has improved himself constantly to get stronger and faster than ever before!


Fubuki, also known by her hero alias Blizzard of Hell, is a B-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is also the sister of Tatsumaki.

Fubuki first appeared in One-Punch Man as an antagonist, using her Blizzard Groupies to try and take down Saitama during a storm on New Year’s Day.

Recently she has been fighting against Dr. Genus’ henchmen along with other heroes to stop his plans for world domination!

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