Naruto: Popular Characters, Birthdays

Naruto, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki who has been rejected by everyone in his village. He is determined to become the Hokage—the leader of Konoha Village—and he trains hard so one day he can fulfill his dream.

Naruto Characters’ Birthdays

Naruto Uzumaki's birthday: October 10

  • Jan 01 – Maito Gai
  • Jan 02 – Tatami Iwashi
  • Jan 08 – Hyuuga Hiashi, Hyuuga Hizashi
  • Jan 09 – Haku
  • Jan 19 – Gaara
  • Jan 23 – Aburame Shino
  • Jan 24 – Yamanaka Inoichi
  • Jan 25 – Yondaime
  • Feb 08 – Third Hokage Sarutobi
  • Feb 10 – Uchiha Obito
  • Feb 11 – Sigure
  • Feb 15 – Tayuya
  • Feb 24 – Nara Yoshino
  • Feb 29 – Yakushi Kabuto
  • Mar 08 – Ebisu
  • Mar 09 – Tenten
  • Mar 10 – Taiseki
  • Mar 18 – Hoshigaki Kisame
  • Mar 20 – Morino Ibiki
  • Mar 23 – Yashamaru
  • Mar 27 – Hyuuga Hanabi
  • Mar 28 – Haruno Sakura
  • Mar 29 – Kazekage
  • Apr 02 – Sinobi Gashir
  • Apr 04 – Tobitake Tonbo
  • Apr 05 – Tazuna
  • Apr 06 – Waraji
  • Apr 13 – Inuzuka Hana
  • Apr 22 – Akimichi Chouza
  • Apr 30 – Gato
  • Jun 01 – Uchiha Mikoto
  • Jun 06 – Demon Brothers (Gouzu & Meizu)
  • Jun 09 – Uchiha Itachi
  • Jun 11 – Yuuhi Kurenai
  • Jun 12 – Dosu Kinuta
  • Jun 15 – Kimimaro
  • Jun 18 – Mahiru
  • Jun 20 – Ukon, Sakon
  • Jun 26 – Jirobou
  • Jul 03 – Hyuuga Neji
  • Jul 04 – Baki
  • Jul 05 – Kakkou
  • Jul 06 – Kin Tsuchi
  • Jul 07 – Inuzuka Kiba, Akamaru
  • Jul 15 – Nara Shikaku
  • Jul 17 – Shiranui Genma
  • Jul 21 – Hagane Kotetsu
  • Jul 23 – Uchiha Sasuke
  • Jul 27 – Genyuumaru
  • Aug 02 – Tsunade
  • Aug 09 – Nawaki
  • Aug 12 – Inuzuka Tsume
  • Aug 15 – Momochi Zabuza
  • Aug 16 – Uchiha Fugaku
  • Aug 21 – Kaiza
  • Aug 23 – Temari
  • Aug 28 – Namiashi Raidou
  • Sep 01 – Utatane Koharu
  • Sep 03 – Yamashiro Aoba
  • Sep 07 – Aburame Shibi
  • Sep 14 – Zaku Abumi
  • Sep 15 – Hatake Kakashi
  • Sep 22 – Nara Shikamaru
  • Sep 23 – Yamanaka Ino
  • Oct 10 – Uzumaki Naruto
  • Oct 18 – Sarutobi Asuma
  • Oct 19 – Suzume
  • Oct 21 – Mizuki
  • Oct 24 – Mitarashi Anko
  • Oct 27 – Orochimaru
  • Nov 02 – Gekkou Hayate
  • Nov 03 – Uzuki Yuugao
  • Nov 05 – Daimyo of the Wind Country
  • Nov 11 – Jiraiya
  • Nov 15 – Rin, Mubi
  • Nov 16 – Kagari
  • Nov 18 – Shizune
  • Nov 25 – Kamizuki Izumo
  • Nov 27 – Rock Lee
  • Nov 30 – Tsurugi Misumi
  • Dec 01 – Zouri
  • Dec 04 – Dan
  • Dec 16 – Kidoumaru
  • Dec 20 – Oboro
  • Dec 24 – Madame Shizimi (wife of the Daimyo of the Fire Country)
  • Dec 25 – Inari
  • Dec 27 – Hyuuga Hinata
  • Dec 30 – Konohamaru

Popular Characters

Who are your favorite characters from this popular anime? We have compiled a list of the top Naruto Anime characters that you should know about!

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto is the protagonist of Naruto. He was born on October 10th, a day known as “The Day Of The Kyuubi”. Nine months earlier, his father—the Fourth Hokage–killed and sealed Kurama the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside him.

Kurama has been constantly trying to take control of Naruto’s body in order to achieve its goal of killing all humans; however it cannot do so unless he transforms into his nine tailed fox form or if Naruto gives up his own will by letting anger fill him until he explodes with rage. With time, patience, and training from Jiraiya, Naruto gradually learns how to suppress Kurama within him and grows stronger as a ninja.

Naruto starts out as an unsociable person, who only wants attention from his villagers to acknowledge him and be proud of what he does but eventually changes into someone with self-confidence throughout the course of the series when he is able to develop both outside social skills and become more mature in general.

Uchiha Itachi

The 2nd on our list is Uchiha Itachi. He was a member of the Uchiha clan and one of Konoha’s finest ninja who completely mastered the Sharingan at an early age, becoming well-known amongst those in the shinobi world.

After his involvement in a coup d’état where he murdered all members of his own family, Itachi becomes an Konohagakure criminal. Eventually sensing that death is near and seeking redemption for himself, Itachi sacrifices himself when battling Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchia while protecting them from the enemies.

Shikamaru Nara

The third character on our list is Shikamaru Nara, a Konohagakure shinobi and the leader of Team 10. He becomes lazy in his duties as team member but still put up with it all due to him not wanting to disappoint those who believe in him.

He is quick-witted which allows him to understand situations quickly even without any outside interference and then he makes decisions based upon that understanding.

His laziness never stops himself from putting everything into his work however when push comes to shove, proving time after time again how much potential this boy has!


Gaara is a character with a sad backstory, he was born as a child of the Fourth Kazekage and his mother, Karura. It will make you feel bad because he has been through so much.

He is currently the Fifth Kazekage and his father’s former advisor. Gaara has a good personality, which makes him able to relate with Naruto well. But he also has an oftentimes scary side because of what happened in the past when people would come at night just to try to kill him or take control over him.

Hinata Hyūga

Hinata is a very shy girl with an amazing ability to defend herself which she has been taught since childhood. She may be insecure, but when it comes down to it, Hinata is one of the strongest female characters in Naruto!

She loves her family and will do anything for them. This leads her into difficult situations at times because they are so far away from each other during war time. But still she fights on bravely and gets through everything that life throws at her head first!

Furthermore, she is Naruto’s love line.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a ninja from Konoha’s village hidden in the leaves. The most amazing thing about Rock Lee is his dedication to not only the art of ninjutsu, but also for himself and others as well. He should be thought of with high regard because he shows that even someone who does not have all their abilities can still do great things!

Iruka Umino

Iruka Umino is a ninja from Konoha’s village hidden in the leaves. Iruka was Naruto’s instructor and mentor at the Ninja Academy and cares about him deeply, though he does not always show it. He teaches all of his students to have confidence in themselves so they can become great ninjas one day!

Tsunade Senju

Though Tsunade’s position as the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure was justified by her exceptional medical skills, she has proven to be more than just a capable leader. Tsunade is tough, confident and has a strong sense of responsibility.

Tsunade is a good person who has sacrificed so much of her life to become the Hokage. She will protect Konoha with everything she’s got and that makes for an admirable character.

She may be one-dimensional sometimes, but Tsunade is strong in all aspects of herself. And I think we can’t ask more from a woman who made it this far without having any friends or family at home to support her!


Obito played a large part of the Naruto narrative and a huge part in Kakashi becoming the teacher he was. 

Obito was a childhood friend of Kakashi’s and Rin. He had the same dream to become Hokage as they did, but Obito would never have been able to achieve it because he was born into an age when people were not given such opportunities.

It is unfortunate how little we know about this character, who has so much potential.

More characters will be updated soon.

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