My Hero Academia Characters’ Birthdays

The My Hero Academia anime is a fantastic show for both adults and children. It’s been praised as one of the best anime series in recent years, and its popularity has only grown since it debuted on television screens in 2016. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, follows his dream to become the world’s greatest hero. He lives in a society where people are born with quirks that give them special abilities or superpowers. There are many other heroes who have their own unique quirks that make them stand out from the rest of society too!

My Hero Academia Characters’ Birthdays

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series that features some of the most memorable characters. It’s hard to forget someone like Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and All Might! As it continues to grow in popularity, let’s track down birthday for each character who has appeared so far in this series.

Midoriya Izuku's birthday: July 15
  • Jan 1: Nedzu
  • Jan 2: Sir Nighteye
  • Jan 7: Kamakiri Togaru
  • Jan 11: Todoroki Shouto
  • Jan 16: Jirou Kyoutoku
  • Jan 28: Gran Torino
  • Feb 1: Kouda Kouji
  • Feb 2: Shouda Nirengeki
  • Feb 2: Fukidashi Manga
  • Feb 3: Thirteen
  • Feb 5: Ms Joke
  • Feb 9: Shishikura Seiji
  • Feb 11: Yanagi Reiko
  • Feb 12: Asui Tsuyu
  • Feb 14: La Brava
  • Feb 16: Fourth Kind
  • Feb 16: Jirou Mika
  • Feb 22: Edgeshot
  • Feb 25: Shouji Mezou
  • Feb 29: Tiger
  • Mar 1: Miruko
  • Mar 4: Amajiki Tamaki
  • Mar 7: Backdraft
  • Mar 9: Midnight
  • Mar 15: Bakugou Masaru
  • Mar 22: Cementoss
  • Mar 23: Ectoplasm
  • Mar 23: Bubble Girl
  • Mar 26: Shishida Juurouta
  • Apr 4: Tsukauchi Naomasa
  • Apr 4: Recovery Girl
  • Apr 8: Ragdoll
  • Apr 18: Hatsume Mei
  • Apr 20: Bakugou Katsuki
  • Apr 21: Tsunotori Pony
  • May 1: Mandalay
  • May 7: Gunhead
  • May 13: Monoma Neito
  • May 13: Shindou You
  • May 19: Tsuburaba Kousei
  • May 20: Kamui Woods
  • May 28: Ojirou Mashirao
  • May 30: Aoyama Yuuga
  • June 10: Yagi Toshinori / All Might
  • June 12: Kaibara Sen
  • June 16: Hagakure Tooru
  • June 19: Satou Rikidou
  • June 19: Tsuburaba Kousei
  • June 20: Honenuki Juuzou
  • June 21: Tiger
  • June 26: Pixie-Bob
  • June 29: Kaminari Denki
  • Jul 1: Shinsou Hitoshi
  • Jul 4: Midoriya Inko
  • Jul 7: Present Mic
  • Jul 14: Rin Hiryu
  • Jul 15: Midoriya Izuku
  • Jul 15: Togata Mirio
  • Jul 17: Lunch Rush
  • Jul 22: IIda Tensei
  • Jul 28: Sero Hanta
  • Jul 30: Ashido Mina
  • Aug 1: Jirou Kyouka
  • Aug 8: Todoroki Enji / Endeavor
  • Aug 8: Fatgum
  • Aug 11: Mount Lady
  • Aug 15: Utsushimi Camie
  • Aug 22: Iida Tenya
  • Aug 29: Gentle Criminal
  • Sep 8: Shiozaki Ibara
  • Sep 9: Kendou Itsuka
  • Sep 17: Power Loader
  • Sep 23: Yaoyorozu Momo
  • Sep 26: Yoarashi Inasa
  • Oct 5: Best Jeanist
  • Oct 6: Hadou Nejire
  • Oct 8: Mineta Minoru
  • Oct 13: Tokage Setsuna
  • Oct 16: Kirishima Eijirou
  • Oct 16: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
  • Oct 29: Gang Orca
  • Oct 30: Tokoyami Fumikage
  • Nov 1: Kuroiro Shihai
  • Nov 1: Death Arms
  • Nov 7: Awase Yousetsu
  • Nov 7: Snipe
  • Nov 8: Aizawa Shouta / Eraserhead
  • Nov 9: Vlad King
  • Dec 1: Bakugou Mitsuki
  • Dec 2: Komori Kinoko
  • Dec 5: Manual
  • Dec 9: Uwabami
  • Dec 12: Izumi Kouta
  • Dec 19: Kodai Yui
  • Dec 21: Eri
  • Dec 23: Bondo Kojirou
  • Dec 27: Uraraka Ochako
  • Dec 28: Hawks

Popular Characters

In this section we will list off some of our favorite My Hero Academia characters so you can get to know your favorites before they hit theaters later this year!

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. He’s a child who has always dreamed of being a hero, but unfortunately he was born without any powers! Izuku diligently trains and hopes that one day he’ll be able to lead people in society as some sort of protector. His dream finally comes true when his idol All Might teaches him how to use One For All, which gives him superpowers just like All Might himself.

One for all allows its wielder to amplify their physical abilities through sheer force of will (similarly to Quirks). It also grants them immunity from certain types of attacks and ailments with enough will power behind it – such as pain or fatigue. However, this only works as long as the user is conscious.

His superhero name has been chosen to be Deku, which means “one who can do”. As a child with no powers, he strives for greatness in order to help those around him and never back down from his dreams. He wants nothing more than for himself and others like him to have their heroic day!

Izuku’s greatest strength is that he doesn’t give up on anything – even when things get tough or seem impossible. Even if it may not always work out the way Izuku would want it too, the boy will fight until there’s absolutely nothing left in order to make sure everyone else gets what they need. This makes him an incredibly selfless person who deserves all of the

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is the son of Endeavor, one of All Might’s arch enemies. Having only born with half his father’s Quirk, he was not given much attention by Endeavor and instead trained in a more classical manner than Izuku Midoriya. Nonetheless Shoto grew up to become an incredible fighter who can control both ice and fire! His intelligence and strategic mind have also made him into a powerful hero that you don’t want to mess with.

All Might

It’s hard to get more iconic than All Might, the Symbol of Peace! This is a man who has always pushed himself beyond his limits in order to not only be an inspiration for people everywhere but also combat evil and stop disasters. He can fight crime using either some punches or by transforming into “True Hero Mode” – giving him the power needed to push back anything that threatens peace.

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