Best Resources to Learn Cyber Security Online

In today’s world, everything is connected to the internet. This includes your refrigerator and television. Your credit cards are online and so are your bank records. Cyber security protects all of these things from hackers who want to steal them for their own personal gain. With the rise in cyber attacks over the last few years, it has become more important than ever before to make sure that you have a strong cyber security system in place on your devices at home or work.

Cyber criminals have now become the major cause of concerns to most of the corporations. Poorly designed apps and websites are always susceptible to any sort of cyber attacks. To protect the business data, it is essential to take strong steps. If you want to become a cyber security expert, you may better go through the following resources.

What is Cyber Security? Tips to Protect Against Online Threats

Cyber security consists of protecting your personal information from hackers, utilizing encryption and other software.

The first step in cyber-security is to make sure that you are using strong passwords with a minimum length of 12 characters including numbers, symbols, and upper/lower case letters. It’s also important to use different passwords for all the sites that need them: email password; banking account password; Facebook login etc… PIN codes should not be used as they can easily be determined by someone who has access to technology such as facial recognition or fingerprint logging which would then grant them unrestricted access into any accounts linked through said device.

Who Should Concern About Cyber Attacks?

Anyone who uses electronic devices and shares their personal information with others should be concerned about cyber-security.

The phrase “cyber security” refers to the protection of digital data from unauthorized access and other malicious actions via a computer network such as the Internet. The following are some common instances in which individuals may experience cybersecurity issues:

  • Personal devices being hacked, where someone can then proceed to steal valuable information or cause damage.
  • Stolen login credentials for social media accounts that allow hackers to use them without the owner’s knowledge.
  • A company’s own system is compromised by an employee who doesn’t know how damaging it could potentially be.
  • Malicious software on your PC that has been collecting private data over time without you noticing it.

Best Cyber Security Courses

Cyber Security Course for Beginners – Level 01

This free course offers the Security Fundamentals required for your everyday online browsing. You will learn the basic concepts of Cyber Security and how to protect themselves from the predators of the Internet.

The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed!

Nathan, leader in the Cyber Security Community, explains the content very well in this course. It is for those who want a career in Cyber Technology, who are Small Business Owners, or who want to protect their security of personal files. You will learn advanced practical skillset in defeating all online threats.

Best Books to Learn Cyber Security

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws

Almost all the small and big organizations are nowadays using web apps for the purpose of their business. If someone hacks these apps, then all the important and secret information of the companies may get leaked. The book reveals a thorough discussion on the steps, applied by hackers to attacks those web apps. There readers can gain knowledge on the latest tricks, used for hacking the software.

Practical Reverse Engineering: x86, x64, ARM, Windows Kernel, Reversing Tools, and Obfuscation

The book is everything about the process- reverse engineering. It lets you know the procedure to analyze software and hardware. Hackers usually use such process for reaching their targets. But, you can also follow the same path to avoid the risks.

Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

It is also another textbook of R. Anderson.He has tried to reveal the way of developing a system, which remains consistent, no matter whether there is any malice. Read the book to know about the main elements for engineering, hacking categories and psychology behind security.

The Shellcoder’s Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes

Most of the applications and OS have security gaps, and the book helps you to be aware of this fact. This new book has also included the information on the advanced techniques for exploitation. In addition, it also focuses on some unique areas to make the content more valuable to the readers. For instance, you can understand the IOS details of Cisco with this book.

Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications

The cyber security experts may also look through the pages of this guidebook to know mainly about cryptography. Some cryptography specialists have offered updated information to this book. It also exposes what changed have been recently made in the field of cryptography. Other details that you can get in this book are authentication coding, cipher blocking, servers, message protection and many more.

The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

The content of this book gives a clear explanation on why encryption rules and firewalls are not effective to protect business data. You can also read interesting stories on different kinds of cyber attacks, made on various organizations. The author has clarified the viewpoints of both the victim and the hacker. He has also recommended the steps to prevent all these hacks.

The Art of Memory Forensics: Detecting Malware and Threats in Windows, Linux, and Mac Memory

From the title of this book, you can guess that it helps you in learning a special art-Memory forensics, which is the most sought after skill in the digital forensics and incident response fields. You can analyze RAM to settle the crimes on the web world.

Cyber Security Tips

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