10 Best Websites to Practice Coding Online

The best way to master a skill is by practicing it. The same can be said for coding; you don’t learn how to code from reading a book, you need to practice! However, there are many different places where you can go online in order to do this. In this blog post, we will discuss 13 websites where you can practice coding online and get feedback on your progress along the way!


Why Coders Should Practice Their Coding Skills?

Practicing coding skills is important for coders. There are a lot of places where you can practice your skills, such as CodinGame and TopCoder. You should also use some other websites to improve the skill set-up so that you will have more opportunities in the future when jobs open up.

Some people think that practicing programming at home or on their own is sufficient enough but it’s not always true because there are certain things they don’t get from working alone like feedback from others or getting used to different technology stacks and guidance from skilled programmers.

The reality is that practicing coding skills, even with the help of an online course or some other tutorial, will not make you a good programmer overnight. It takes time to learn how to program and have any skill at it – so don’t give up! Another important point: before you start learning how to code on your own this way, talk about what sort of programming languages you want to use first.

When picking which ways are best for improving their coding skills, people need to consider what they’re looking for in terms of career opportunities as well as just being able to excel at a hobby or interest outside work hours when free time can be scarce.

10 Best Websites to Practice Coding Online


freeCodeCamp is the one-stop shop for developers looking to hone their skills both in and out of class. The site offers its users a variety of courses on topics like web programming, web design, and data science. It also has an interactive exercise library that makes learning exciting.

freeCodeCamp partners with nonprofits to help learners put their coding skills into use. Aspiring programmers can browse through project ideas, get experience while providing valuable contributions to these organizations, have a chance at making it big by landing a developer job, and even earn verified certificates once they complete coursework.


CodinGame is a game developer site that grants you the amazing opportunity to develop your programming skills through a series of games. They offer over 25 languages and different data structures for every level of programmer, from beginners to advanced ones. When you start coding at CodinGame, you are guaranteed to improve your skills in no time.


Coderbyte is a website where you can do coding challenges. There are lots of different ones to try. You can try solving problems on the site by programming with 10 languages that are explained on their website. They also have tutorials and exercises for understanding algorithms and data structures.


DataCamp is the best site for data enthusiasts to jump head first into working with code. You can take courses online and then apply those skills to real-world tasks or use it to teach others about R and Python!

They offer different levels of coding experience so you can find the tutoring that best suits your interests and goals. DataCamp also allows its users to apply their skills in order to solve real world problems. This resourceful website has something for everyone, from beginners to advanced learners.


Translating code into solutions that make sense is tedious work. HackerRank helps coders learn and practice to level up their skills faster with over 100,000 coding challenges for every skill level on the site. So whether you are looking for inspiration, or just want a break from mindless coding – visit HackerRank today!

If you’re a developer who wants to improve your skills or learn new ones, HackerRank is the perfect place for you. The site offers algorithm tutorials and practice problems in order to suit whatever skill level of coding you want.


Find your way to the outer frontiers of top-notch coding and complete at every challenge with 3,000,000+ developers from around the world! HackerEarth is a global community for coders to showcase their skills and compete with developers all over the world. Join in monthly coding challenges from beginner to advanced skill level, no matter what your language preference may be!

Developers can learn and practice on a range of development challenges like Machine Learning and Data Structures – and track you performance against other developers.

Project Euler

Project Euler is a premier site for mathematically gifted people looking to stretch their minds and try out any ideas they might be having. There are many challenges, problems, or activities that need more than just mathematical insight to solve. The programming problems on this site can help you learn new things. Each problem introduces a new concept that you can use to solve other problems.

Project Euler is a mathematical website that doesn’t hold back. Put your skills to the test by tackling calculations and codes related to mathematics, data structures, and more in order to receive badges. Every day you get new challenges (constantly changing!), which can be solved using inductive chains of learning: solve one problem so you can better understand another one. 


Solve complex programming challenges that have been created by an active online community made for developers! As this is a community-based website, you can submit your code issue and discuss solutions on the forums for each challenge. The higher your rank, the more difficult your challenges will be – but don’t worry with Codewars, they are here to help!


LeetCode is the best way to practice your coding skills and prepare yourself for tech job interviews. With more than 750 questions, 14 different languages, and a Mock Interview where you can upgrade skills in preparation for technical interviews, LeetCode will get you ranked as number one.


TopCoder is a competitive online programming platform. Driven by an obsessive dedication to their craft, TopCoder team stays true to the core values that sparked their emergence: collaboration, innovation and excellence in code-crafting. Compete against other designers, developers and data scientists for glory while sharpening your skills in this one of a kind game!

op ranks are some of the best programmers in the world and this show is head to head, no holds barred with a best-of-three match format.

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