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DJs may be a dime-a-dozen in the real world, but virtual DJing is different. Virtual DJs are able to play any genre of music that you like and mix them together seamlessly to create an awesome dance party, just for you.

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What is Virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ is the most popular software for DJs and music producers. Virtual DJ offers a wide range of features, including waveform displays, beat matching and scratching tools, automatic mixing functions with crossfader control, time-stretching algorithms to accommodate live mixes that go longer than planned, sound effects like flangers and echo/reverb effects.

It allows the user to mix music and has many features such as crossfader, in-built sound effects, iTunes library integration, live audio recording and playback capability etc. The DJ can create custom mixes by adding or removing elements from songs with ease. You have the option of changing the speed, pitch, and tempo of each track as well as adding effects like echo.

One of its powerful functions is that it also supports third party plugins for extending functionality even further!

You will need to know how to use turntables if you want this application because there are no visual controls on screen–just manual ones like we’re used to seeing at clubs or live events. If you do not have any experience in mixing then VirtualDJ would be challenging but still worth trying out.


  • Virtual DJ is a professional software that can be used to mix and remix music
  • The software has an intuitive interface with many features, including the ability to add effects like echo or reverb
  • It also includes a built-in sampler for creating new sounds from scratch
  • You can use it as your own personal jukebox by uploading your favorite songs onto the computer’s hard drive
  • There are also many free samples available on their website so you don’t have to spend any money on this program if you’re just starting out
  • This program is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems and Mac OS X 10.8+ computers


0loop reset
1loop 1
2loop 2
4loop 4
5loop 8
6loop 16
7loop 32
8loop 25
9loop 50
alt+0goto cue 10
alt+1goto cue 1
alt+2goto cue 2
alt+3goto cue 3
alt+4goto cue 4
alt+5goto cue 5
alt+6goto cue 6
alt+7goto cue 7
alt+8goto cue 8
alt+9goto cue 9
Ccue stop
ctrl+0set cue 10
ctrl+1set cue 1
ctrl+2set cue 2
ctrl+3set cue 3
ctrl+4set cue 4
ctrl+5set cue 5
ctrl+6set cue 6
ctrl+7set cue 7
ctrl+8set cue 8
ctrl+9set cue 9
ctrl+backgoto last folder
ctrl+left arrowskip beat -1
ctrl+num-pitch -306
ctrl+num*pitch reset
ctrl+num+pitch +306
Ctrl+Ppage downcrossfader 4096
ctrl+page upcrossfader 0
ctrl+right arrowskip beat +1
ctrl+shift+left arrowskip beat -4
ctrl+shift+Rightskip beat 4
ctrl+shift+tabmenu -1
ctrl+tabmenu +1
ctrl+Vvideo open
endskip beat -1
escloop 0
f1sample 1
f10sample 10
f11sample 11
f12sample 12
f2sample 2
f3sample 3
f4sample 4
f5sample 5
f6sample 6
f7sample 7
f8sample 8
f9sample 9
homeskip beat -16
Lplay n loop
left arrownudge +256
left arrowskip beat -4
num-pitch -8
num*pitch reset
num+pitch +8
Pplay pause
page downcrossfader +128
page downskip beat +1
page upcrossfader -128
page upskip beat +16
right arrownudge -256
right arrowskip beat +4
shift+0loop temporary reset
shift+1loop temporary 1
shift+2loop temporary 2
shift+4loop temporary 4
shift+5loop temporary 8
shift+6loop temporary 16
shift+7loop temporary 32
shift+8loop temporary 25
shift+9loop temporary 50
shift+endskip beat temporary -1
shift+f1sample temporary 1
shift+f10sample temporary 10
shift+f11sample temporary 11
shift+f12sample temporary 12
shift+f2sample temporary 2
shift+f3sample temporary 3
shift+f4sample temporary 4
shift+f5sample temporary 5
shift+f6sample temporary 6
shift+f7sample temporary 7
shift+f8sample temporary 8
shift+f9sample temporary 9
shift+homeskip beat temporary -16
shift+Leftnudge +4
shift+leftskip beat temporary -4
shift+num-pitch -1
shift+num+pitch +1
shift+Pplay temporary
shift+page downcrossfader +16
shift+page upcrossfader -16
shift+page upskip beat temporary +16
shift+pg.downskip beat temporary +1
shift+Rightnudge -4
shift+rightskip beat temporary +4
tabselect on active deck

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