10 Easiest Passwords to Hack – Strong Password Ideas

Password is the most important factor when it comes to online account security. If someone knows your password and accesses your credentials, he can steal your content and your vital information.

Although most websites have many security measures in place in order to protect against any attempts to steal their users’ accounts, revealed password can be used to bypass these security measures.

Most people are too lazy to create a strong password or just think that no one will know the easy password and username combination. And many people have the bad habit of using the same passwords for all accounts. These reasons leads to their passwords easy to hack.

The top ten most commonly used passwords

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. welcome
  4. ninja
  5. abc123
  6. 123456789
  7. 12345678
  8. sunshine
  9. princess
  10. qwerty

Other commonly used passwords are ashley, michael, blink182, 50cent, superman, naruto, tigger, password1.

Strong Password Ideas

  • Make sure you use at minimum ten characters.
  • Do not use directly identifiable information such as name, birthday, driver license,etc…
  • Mix lower case, upper case, special characters, number in a password.
  • Use a unique password for each separate account.
  • Avoid common dictionary words such as “password”, “qwerty”. You can see the easiest passwords to hack are the one that contains these characters.
  • Make your own encoding. This is strongly suggested as they can help you understand and remember the password for each account and the others won’t know exactly how to decode. For example, if you know foreign language, convert a part to foreign language.

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