AROVA Car GPS Navigation System

Do you want a quality and precise GPS navigation system for your car? Then look no further because AROVA Car GPS Navigation System got you covered! Currently, the number one bestseller in Amazon, AROVA Car GPS System, is preloaded with maps in South America and North America.

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One of the best things about this GPS navigation system is that it offers a big screen and has a wide array of applications like unit converters, calculators, video players, and even games.

The maps loaded in the system could be customized as well! In fact, you can select between vehicle appearance and terrain color. You could also change the settings as with other GPS systems to prevent the number of tracks.

AROVA GPS Navigation System allows you to pick from a broad spectrum of voices that will bring you anywhere you want. That feature is very practical for the fact that you could update and improve your card free for life. Amazing, isn’t it?

For the price, you cannot go wrong with this GPS from AROVA. What’s more, it works excellent out of the box. The big screen allows you to see it clearly, and it’s very responsive too. It will connect easily to the satellite and is quite responsive when searching for locations and adjusting properly in case you make a wrong turn.

One small but nice feature is the keyboard on the search that helps get rid of the letters for known addresses. For instance, if the city has a “Maple Street,” it eliminates the letters not required if there are no other streets by that name as you type “Ma.” Ultimately, the mounting suction cup is quite durable, and the device could easily come on and off.


  • Bigger screen
  • The maps can be customized
  • Maps and PoI features are latest and very accurate
  • Offers built-in games


  • The mounting bracket is too flimsy or too short for the device
  • Lack of mobile connectivity to answer calls
  • No backup camera support

Bottom Line

If you are only looking for a GPS navigation system that is a good value for money, then the AROVA Navigation System for Car is the ideal option for you. The manufacturer offers free lifetime maps for Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the UK, and other regions. In case you are not happy with the product, you can avail of their 90-day hassle-free return.

4 thoughts on “AROVA Car GPS Navigation System”

  1. I am not sure how people are giving this good review. the stand that came with it is not stable doesn’t stick to dashboard or windshield.
    there is no customer service.
    its says lifetime map update but nowhere it mention how and where you can get those updates and I have been following up with seller and every related contacts I can find to get this details but everything in vain. The seller sent me a dropbox link for 2020 map update but seriously what abt the next time I need update ?
    unlike branded gps like garmin etc , without a proper manufacturer support, you are just throwing money into garbage.

  2. Robert Riggott

    I just bought this item. I would like to add several comments to that of the OP.
    First I ordered from Amazon ,since this is a ‘big seller” there.
    My unit arrived with a $15 Amazon gift card from the seller with instructions on the back explaining how to redeem the $15: “Write a 5-star review if you are happy with the product”, followed by instructions on how to notify them you’ve posted a review, and ending with “IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DO NOT write or post images about the rebate activity in you review content, otherwise it will be invalid”.
    I’m sure the criteria qualifies the $15 card as a “bribe”.
    Now that I got that out of the way, other than the screen showing AROVA on start-up, the GPS unit has no manufacturer’s name on anything, not the GPS, not the instruction manual, not the box it comes in. I’m not sure how to ‘find’ the manufacturer on line for support.
    As far as ‘lifetime updates”, how do you get lifetime updates from somebody you can’t easily find?
    Instruction manual is in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, but is skimpy in the instructions it provides the user. I’m talking bare minimal to get the unit going.
    Going back to my previous comment about the manufacturer not easily found on the internet, one would think that at least the instruction manual would have a web link printed in it to send the user to an online site for additional info not found in the instruction manual.
    Using it for the first time, by the time I got to work this morning I had questions about several things. How do I set North Up? I set my local time to US eastern, but the GPS map is showing Greenwich Mean Time, a five hour difference, how do I change that? The screen shows gas stations along my route, but one station I stopped by had been in business for 10 years, and it didn’t show on the map. How do I determine the current date/status of the installed map? How do I get map updates? Where do I find support for this GPS on line? I had all these question just using it on my first drive, how many more questions will I have over the next several weeks and not be able to contact somebody for answers?
    I’m not saying the unit is no good, I don’t know that yet. What I am saying is the manufacturer is like a ghost, and if you need support, good luck with that.

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