10 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ life story is one of the most fascinating in modern history. For over three decades, he has been ranked as the richest man on earth. Find out interesting facts about Bill Gates by reading this article!

Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born in 1955 on October 28th. He is 66 years old, as of 2022.

At the age of 13, Bill Gates created his first software program. In high school he founded a group with other computer enthusiasts who helped their local government alter payroll systems to make them more efficient by collecting traffic data; they later formed Traf-O-Data which sold these services across America.

Bill Gates was an unconventional college dropout. He left Harvard University in 1975 to start a business, which would eventually become one of America’s most successful companies ever – Microsoft!

Gates has an extensive library of Da Vinci’s writings. The second most expensive item in Bill Gates’ collection is a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester.” The Codex consists mainly of scientific notes and was sold for $30. million at the auction house Christie’s.

He was honored with a KBE for his contributions to science, technology, and the business world. In 2005 he received the title, Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of The British Empire, from Queen Elizabeth II in London England. He was also awarded the KBE for his efforts in reducing world poverty.

Bill and Melinda Gates have three children. The first-born daughter was on Hawaiian island Lanai in 1994 not long after they married, second child came along soon thereafter with a son following shortly afterward!

Gates’ children go to the same Catholic Church as their parents, Bill and Melinda. The family is heavily invested in science but they also follow all aspects of religion because there are some clashes between what he does for work at Microsoft while being so involved with his home life which includes going to church every Sunday morning.

He took part in his first charity tennis tournament on April 29, 2017. He teamed up with tennis champion Roger Federer to play against some of the world’s best players for a great cause – raising money and awareness about Africa4.

When the Big Bang Theory showrunners decided they wanted to cast Bill Gates as a guest star. He played himself on an episode of The Big Bang Theory that aired in 2018. In the show, he was a guest cast member playing his own self and had to meet with some characters who wanted access but there wasn’t enough time or space for everyone so they all plotted their secret meeting together!

When Bill Gates first started out, he had a lot of obstacles to overcome. Nowadays though things are much different for him and his business empire! There have been six documentaries made about this man who went from being defeated by an IBM computer in 1969 all the way up until now where their products impact our lives every day- whether they’re aware or not (most likely).

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