blinking_text – Add Blinking Animation to Flutter Text

blinking_text is a simple Flutter plugin to create blinking text.

Note: It supports all Text widget’s properties except constructor.

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    blinking_text: ^0.0.4+1


Besides Text’s properties, the BlinkText supports 4 more properties for blinking animation:

  • beginColor: This overrides TextStyle’s color.
  • endColor: The color text will blink in. If there is no endColor, opacity at 0 is used.
  • duration: Interval between color switching animation.
  • times: Number of times a text blinks. Default value means indefinite loop.


	'Blink Animation',
	style: TextStyle(fontSize: 48.0),
	times: 100,
	durtaion: Duration(milliseconds: 500)

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