5 Best Windows 10 Tablet and Laptop Brands

Nowadays there are 3 main players in tablet market – iPad and Windows 10 tablets, and Android tablets. People tend to choose Windows 10 tablets if they want to work using familiar Windows software.

Nowadays, laptop and tablet’ borderline has almost been removed because most laptops now support touchscreen and removable screen part.

5 best Windows 10 tablet and laptop brands


Obviously, no one can make more out of Windows 10 than Microsoft itself. The American manufacturer has designed its tablets to work flawlessly with its operating system. However, the company has set a very fine line between tablets and laptops. While it might look like a classic laptop, the top model Surface Pro X is actually a tablet with a keyboard. The same goes for Surface Pro 7. You can still find lots of classic tablets from Microsoft, but these models seem to dominate its range. With all these, its market share is relatively low when compared to other manufacturers.


Dell does not fool around when it comes to laptops and tablets. In fact, it has managed to maintain a strong presence due to its middle price products and excellent value for money. Over the past few years, its Latitude Series have dominated charts. Some of its representative models include 7212, 5290 and 7200. Overall, Dell has somewhere around 15% of the market share. Just like other manufacturers, Dell aims to follow the trends and seems to focus on two in one model that incorporate keyboards and look like ultra slim laptops.


Samsung is one of the leading players on the tablet market share, whether it comes to sales, reliability or value for money – around 16%. Just like its smartphones, Samsung’s tablets target more categories of customers and budgets – anywhere from low price models to high end innovations. The Tab Series can be a budget pick – S5E – or a top hot model – S6. Furthermore, the South Korean manufacturer has also developed a few models for kids, at a more affordable price. Choosing the right tablet depends on personal needs – for example, some models are ideal for media, while others are excellent for performance.


With around 6% of the market share, Lenovo is among the leading manufacturers who tend to innovate. The brand provides tablets both middle and high range budgets. It obviously follows the modern convertible trend. When it comes to middle range tablets, the IdeaPad Miix and Yoga C Series are ultra thin, reliable and innovative. On the other hand, the ThinkPad Series is a higher end model – coming close to an actual laptop. It is also worth noting that Lenovo has acquired Motorola in 2014, so all Motorola tablets you can find out there come under the same manufacturer.


HP has always dominated the technology industry and it scores well in most fields, including tablets. While you can still find older tablets in a classic design, HP has not missed the ship on convertibles either. Its new tablets are designed like ultra thin laptops, meaning they also feature a comfy keyboard for more functionality. HP Elite X2 1013 and Elite X2 represent its best releases. Given the innovation put in such products, HP has become a higher end option for those willing to spend a bit more than normally. Its products still come with good value for money though.

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