8 Best Images Packages for Flutter

There are many image libraries written for Flutter which will help developers make Flutter apps related to image easier.

  • ImageEditorPro – This library offers simple, easy support for image editing. You can use custom paints, text, filters, emoji and sticker to draw on any loaded images.
class EditorPage extends StatefulWidget {
  _EditorPageState createState() => _EditorPageState();

class _EditorPageState extends State<EditorPage> {
  Future<void> getImagEditor() {
    final geteditimage =
        Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) {
      return ImageEditorPro(
        appBarColor: Colors.blue,
        bottomBarColor: Colors.blue,
    })).then((geteditimage) {
      if (geteditimage != null) {
        setState(() {
          _image = geteditimage;

  File _image;
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: const Text('Image Editor Pro'),
      body: _image == null
          ? Center(
              child: RaisedButton(
                onPressed: () {
                child: new Text("Open Editor"),
          : Center(
              child: Image.file(_image),
  • extended_image – This is a powerful official extension library of image. It supports placeholder, failed state, cache network, zoom/pan image, photo view, slide out page, editor (crop, rotate, scale, flip), paint custom and more.
  • giphy_picker – Giphy picker allows you to pick animated GIF images from Giphy. This is a nice addon for a chat or message app.
  • crop_your_image – The package provides Crop Widget for cropping images with only minimum UI for deciding cropping area inside images.
  • simple_image_crop – This is a simple and easy to use widget which support different types of image cropping on iOS and Android.
  • flutter_image_editor – A plugin for flutter made to edit images which supports: adjust brightness and contrast, rotate, flip, draw text, draw shapes, scale, etc…
  • image_sequence_animator – A simple widget for animating a set of images with full custom controls as an alternative to using a GIF file.
  • photofilters – photofilters is a package for iOS and Android for applying filter to an image, it comes with a set of preset filters are also available. It also allows you can create your own filters too.
  • multi_image_picker – This plugin allows picking multiple images possible and at native performance.

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