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AbiWord is a free word processor available on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It has a lot of features that make it particularly useful for programmers, writers, students and other professionals in creative jobs.

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  • It is free and open source. Freedom of speech means a lot to us, so we built AbiWord for everyone! After all, you can’t really work on your next great novel if the word processor that you are using does not let you express yourself freely.
  • Incorporating freedom of mind with our own development process has allowed us to give users the opportunity to use software without any restrictions or limitations .
  • It is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. This means that you are not restricted to only one platform – the software can be used on any device without having to buy expensive licenses! For example, a student who uses AbiWord at school might continue using it on their home laptop as well.
  • It includes spell checker functionality built into the text editor window, which includes over 100 languages of spelling dictionary. And a thesaurus is also available. No need to switch back and forth between windows or run an additional application while working in order to get your writing checked for errors! All of these added features will cut down on time spent editing work later on which allows more time being productive rather than correcting mistakes made earlier in the process.
  • Copy-paste functionality allows for quick editing of text without having to retype from scratch or use external applications.
  • The software includes support for multiple formats including Word Processing ML (WPS), Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 file format (.doc) as well as Rich Text Format (RTF). This makes it easier than ever before to share documents with others who are not using the same technology you may be used to working in.
  • A collaboration feature that provides real time tracking changes which help keep projects on track so they can’t get lost among emails back and forth trying to edit document versions.
  • AbiWord offers an unlimited undo and redo function which is a great help for those who make mistakes while typing.
  • AbiWord also has the ability to print documents in a variety of formats, including single-sided printing or double-sided printing with options for how many copies you want printed.
  • The software saves time by automatically saving documents periodically so users don’t have to constantly worry about things going wrong when their computer crashes unexpectedly.
  • -Another benefit includes automatic formatting functions that create bulleted lists, numbered lists, text alignment changes (left/right) and more all from within AbiWord.


Windows hotkeys:

Ctrl+BBold Text
Ctrl+UUnderline Text
Ctrl+IItalic Text
Ctrl+TOverline Text
Ctrl+KStrike Text

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