Where to Buy Japanese iTunes Gift Cards?

There are many good Japanese games on App Store. And more and more people have started to playing games in Japanese region like they do on game consoles. However, most get stuck when it comes to buying in-app items in these games. I want to share a trusted place to buy and how to redeem Japanese iTunes Gift Cards in this post.

Note: This only applies to Japanese account.

Where to buy Japanese iTunes Gift Cards

If you do a search for Japanese iTunes git cards on Google, there are many online shops that show up. The one where I bought anything related to Japan from Japanese accessories to console games is Play-Asia. And it sell digital iTunes gift cards as well.

Visit Play-Asia

The shops sell 4 card types: 1500 Yen, 3000 Yen, 5000 Yen, and 10000 Yen. $10 is around 1100 Yen. You can choose a suitable card depends on your need. After purchasing and getting verified, Play-Asia will send you the digital code of the purchased card.

How to redeem

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Access iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store.
  • Tap on Redeem link on the bottom of the Featured section.
  • Tap on “You can also enter your code manually.” then input your code.

On Mac or Windows

  • Open iTunes software.
  • Click Store then Sign In with your Apple ID.
  • Click Redeem on Quick Links section.
  • Enter your code to redeem.

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