10 Types of Camping Essentials

Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned one, don’t leave home without these must-have types of camping essentials for a nature outing.


Obviously, when camping, you will want and have a tent with you. We can say that this is the most important essential and the one you want to own. Tents protect us from cold, animals, insects and provide comfort.

Water filter

Some water sources in nature may contain bacteria and germs you do not want them into your body. Using a water filter is mandatory. These filters are small, compact, and should be used while cooking, for filtering drinking water and more.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag can be a worthy asset. It will keep you warm throughout the night, and it will protect you from insects and dirt. They are small and don’t need a lot of space to carry, definitely essential when camping in nature.

First aid kit

You never know what can happen while camping. You may cut yourself, scratch, or injure yourself in another way. First aid kit is there to help you overcome the problem. It contains a CPR mouth barrier, scissors, emergency whistle, and so much more you may need in nature.


If you are a smoker and always carry 10 lighters with you, there is no need for a fire starter. If you are a non-smoker, you need a method to start a fire within seconds and keep you warm. Keep in mind that matches should be waterproof.

Navigation tool

You need a compass, GPS, and a map when camping at an unknown location. These essentials can help you find the right way and prevent severe complications. Even professionals carry them.


A knife, pocket knife more precisely is mandatory essential. You can use it to prepare food, to skin an animal, and to protect yourself if that is needed. Go for a small knife with many utensils.


You obviously want to see where you are going at night or to illuminate when you are doing something in the woods. A LED flashlight with a powerful battery is ideal for this purpose.

Rain jacket

You must stay dry while camping. Wet clothes can decrease your body temperature ad cause severe complications. As such, a rain jacket is important, especially when camping at rainy locations.

Toilet paper

For some, this isn’t essential. For others, it is something that makes camping much better. Toilet paper helps maintain hygiene and makes all of this a bit easier.

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