TxtFile – PHP Library to Read/Write Text File

TxtFile is a small library to help read and write to text file.

Install and create object to handle a file

composer require tltemplates/txtfile
//access the file
$file = new TxtFile('myfile.txt'); 
//access the file and create if it does not exist
$file = new TxtFile('myfile.txt', true); 

Read file

//read the whole file store result in an array
$content = $file->readAllAsArray();

//read the whole file store result in a string
$content = $file->readAllAsString();

//read first 10 lines
$content = $file->readAsString(0, 9);
$content = $file->readAsArray(0, 9);

//read all and remove blank lines
$content = $file->readAllWithoutBlankLines();

//read all and remove duplicated lines
$content = $file->readAllWithoutDuplicatedLines();

Write to file

//write to end of file
$file->writeAt(100000, $text); //use any number which exceeds total lines of the file's content

//write to certain line
$file->writeAt(0, $text);
//writeLineAt is similar to writeAt but it automatically appends line break at the end of $text
$file->writeLineAt(10, $text); 

//empty file's content

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