Join cells with comma in Excel

This is to connect several cells together and separate them with a comma.

Use ampersand operator and and SUBSTITUTE function

Ampersand (&) operator is used to join values of defined cells. If the number of cells is limited, use this operator is fast.

After connecting cells with & operator, we use SUBSTITUTE function to replace certain text with a comma. In our case, it is blank space.

=SUBSTITUTE(A2&" "&A3&" "&A4&" "&A5&" "&A7&" "&A7&" "&A8," ",", ")


Shanelle, Lily, Garrett, Madeline, Christophe, Christophe, Joe

Use TEXTJOIN function

This is a new function available in Office 365 and Excel 2019. It can concatenate a range of cells with a delimiter.



First Name, City, Shanelle, South Vadatown, Lily, North Titusville

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