Building the Perfect Toilet: 6 Considerations to Keep in Mind

In today’s world, we are surrounded by many new and exciting technologies that make our lives easier. One of the most recent inventions is the toilet bowl. In this blog post, we will discuss six considerations to keep in mind when buying a new toilet bowl for your bathroom. These considerations include comfort height, affordability, flushing power, noise level, eco-friendly qualities and warranty information!

Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

Shape and Size

Every shape of toilet looks different, with some appearing to be more aesthetically pleasing than others. When considering the shape of your new bowl, you should keep in mind personal preference as well as whether or not it will fit into your bathroom space.

Keep in mind that oval toilets may take up less floor space but they are often taller which means someone who is shorter might have a hard time getting on the seat. Rectangular toilets can also come with either right-side (RH) or left-side (LH) fittings for water supply connections.

Depending on what type of plumbing fixtures are already installed in your home, this could affect your decision!

Flush Efficiency

The flush efficiency of a toilet is the ratio between the amount of water used in litres to clean away waste and the number of liters required. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to choose toilets that are efficient for your family size or lifestyle.

Litres Per Flush (LPF) indicates how many litres per second can be expelled during an average flush by a particular model. This measurement should not be ignored when considering which new bowl will suit you best as some models may require more than others- meaning they might work better if there are multiple people living in one house!

Merely looking at LPF on its own isn’t enough though; we also need to consider whether our homes have a high water pressure or low water pressure. In homes with a higher-pressure system, toilets are more likely to have better flush efficiency because the force of the water coming out can blast away waste and leave behind cleaner bowls.

On the other hand, in households that rely on lower-pressure systems (or those who don’t use their toilet much), it is recommended for consumers to buy toilets with good flushing mechanisms as well as efficient drainage systems that will aid in keeping things clean.

Design and Style

The design and style of your new toilet should match up with both your bathroom’s décor theme as well as meet your family size needs! If you’re looking for a two piece set, be sure that there’s enough space for the tank and bowl to fit in your bathroom.

If you’re looking for a one piece set, make sure that it comes with an elongated seat and toilet height is comfortable for everyone using the toilet!

Finally, if there are any unique features (like being able to convert from a left-hand or right-hand flush), be sure they match both your needs as well as your comfort levels.


It is important to measure the rough-in of a toilet before purchasing. It’s not just about how far the water will need to travel below, but also whether it’ll be able to fit in your bathroom–especially if there are other fixtures or appliances!

You may have heard of “Must-Use” codes on toilets for public restrooms and schools. These regulations require that you can’t flush anything except human waste down the toilet–this is because some things don’t break down well enough when flushed (like certain chemicals), so they end up clogging pipes instead and causing messy situations…or worse: overflowing into nearby rivers or sewers!


There are many new types of toilet bowl with smart functions and features. One type is a dual-flush toilet, which has two buttons on the front. One button operates with a half or full flush depending on how much water you use–this will help save money and conserve resources!

Another feature to consider is an electronic bidet seat that can be installed onto existing toilets (which means no need for attaching anything!). These seats are usually heated and have an air dryer along with other features like warm water washlet sprays…

But don’t worry about all this at once–just start by thinking about what functions would best suit your needs (and budget!)


Another consideration when looking at a new toilet bowl is its cost. On average, a toilet bowl will cost anywhere between $150-$300. For something of higher quality like the Toto Neorest 700H with its heated seat and other features, you can expect to pay around $7000 but it may be worth every penny!

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