10 Best Excel Tips and Tricks

You are always using Excel in the office and you think you’re already a pro in preparing documents. Guess what – you might not have tried the following Excel tips that I’m going to show you. With these tips, you ca boost your productivity at work.

Get ready because these Excel tips could boost your productivity and work performance.

Perform Shortcuts for Fast Navigation

 Excel shortcuts makes your work easy so it’s excellent to use the following excel shortcuts;

  • Ctrl+home – this shortcut lets you navigate to the start.
  • Ctrl+End – You can navigate to the furthest right cell where you entered data.
  • Ctrl+left – In using this shortcut, you to go to the furthest left of the cell.
  • Ctrl+right – You can go to the furthest right of the excel sheet using this shortcut.

Use the Status Bar

You’re familiar with the status bar but do you know that it has amazing features once you right click it.  A great example of these features is you can maximum or minimum values in a range.

Once you highlight the range of numbers, the status bar you see in the excel bottom offers you information you need.  You can see information about the sum, average and total number count.

Use Sticky Rows

Do you want to see rows that stay at the top of the Excel sheet? You use sticky rows by clicking the letter of the row you see on the left side. Next, you click View on the top and then you select Freeze Panes.

Use Auto-Fill Information 

If you want to be more productive, you can highlight the range of data by dragging downward to autofill the cells. You can automatically enter consecutive dates using this feature. 

You Automate Task by Creating Macro

If you’re performing a task repeatedly, you create macro so that you can automate the process. You click File and Options. Then, you click customize Ribbon and select the Developer box under the Main tab.

Create a Table

If you want to create beautiful tables, you highlight the data in the table. Then go to Insert tab and then click Table and then OK.

Use the Go to Tool

You can got to specific cells easily by selecting the data and press the Ctrl+A . You search the Edit option and then you click Go to.

Change the Enter Function

When you press Enter, it would move you a cell down but you ca change how the Enter functions. You select File and Options click the Advanced tab.

Copy Data on Multiple Cells

You press Ctrl+C on the cell you would copy. Then you highlight the cells that you like to copy to and press Ctrl+V.

Quick Select Formulas

If you want to save time to enter formulas, you use the up/down keys for you to go to the formula you want. Then, the tab key would select the formula automatically. 

You can give these Excel tips a try and discover how productive you would become in the office.  Come now and try these Excel tips today!

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