20+ Best Developer Tools

Get ready to know the top developer tools in the market today! You would be amazed and surprised to see what these developer tools can do. For sure, these tools would make a big difference to your development life.   Let me introduce you to the amazing developer tools that you would be happy to use.

Best New Developer Tools in 2021

Code Editor

  • PyCharm – PyCharm is a Python IDE developed by JetBrains. PyCharm provides all the tools you need for productive Python development. The code editor features smart code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick-fixes, along with automated code refactorings and smart code navigation capabilities.
  • Coder – Coder is an open source remote development environment which serves Visual Studio Code online. That means you can access the IDE from any computer, run resource-intensive tasks, and never worry about spilled coffee again. You can use the same extensions you already know and love like the desktop version.


Advanced REST Client
  • Advanced REST Client – Advanced REST Client is a desktop software which can be used to test REST API. Within the software, developer can input an API URL and add GET/POST parameters at ease.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer
  • Image Optimizer – Image Optimizer is a free image optimization online service. You can resize, compress and optimize your image files.


  • Real FavIcon Generator – Real FavIcon Generator makes favicon generating process super simple. All you need to do is upload a 260px by 260px or more  image and the service will generate favicons for all platforms and web browsers.


Snazzy Maps
  • Snazzy Maps – Google Maps is the best option when it comes to embedding maps to any websites and applications. Snazzy Maps makes the original Google Maps more beautiful with free styles.  You can choose from several presets or you can create your own fully customized map.

Stock Photos

  • PixaBay – Most of the times, developers can’t afford to buy stock photos or don’t have time and ability for a professional photoshoot. That’s when free stock photos services come to rescue. PixaBay offers over 1.6 million royalty free stock photos and videos.

Time Tracker

  • Toggl – Toggl is a free time tracking tool which is excellent for small teams. Toggl makes time tracking and reminding so simple. It has many ways to break down your data and send it to you with its flexible and powerful reporting tool.


Google Web Fonts
  • Google Web Fonts – Google Web Fonts brings hundreds of free and open source to the table. The service offers advanced search options for you to find a suitable ones for your project.


  • LiveReload – LiveReload is a must-have tool for front-end developer. It monitors changes in the file system and refreshes browser as soon as there is a change in a file. When you modify a CSS file or an image, they are applied to browser without refreshing.

Conference and Video Calling

  • GoToMeeting – GoToMeeting is a professional online meeting software, which is the most valuable if you have a team across geographic boundaries and time zones. This is an efficient way to get all your team together to update on tasks and duties.


  • Understand.io – Understand.io is an error tracking and log management for Laravel. Logs and automatic alerts will be sent to email, chat or webhook to integrate into your app or existing workflow.


  • Beehive – Don’t worry if you’re looking for the best automation tools; Beehive is the suitable developer tool for you! Here, you’re allowed to create agents that can do excellent automated tasks that are possible filters and events. You have satisfaction regarding your usage of developer tools with Beehive. So, if you’re a developer who wants the best tools, you can try Beehive today!

Project Management

  • JIRA – JIRA is a popular project tracker for teams planning, building and launching products. Many developer teams call it flexible, powerful, and customizable.
  • Standup – Be prepared to inspect the best from Standup! Why? This developer tool successfully integrates with project management, GitHub Trello to transfer engineering reports.  Engineers can save time and effort


  • Prophet – Level up your goal setting and planning in a reliable way of using the Prophet. The Facebook team doesn’t disappoint to give you the best results.  Here, you’re to produce quality forecasts you can use in time data that’s in Python and R. You can observe that many applications of the Prophet in doing reliable goal setting and forecast planning.  Developers and users wouldn’t only gain satisfaction but also comfort in using this tool.  Thus, you come now and give this developer tool a try!


Semantic UI React
  • Semantic UI React – Developers can have achieved satisfaction in using Semantic UI React. Why? You experience effective and wonderful animation due to the Semantic UI function it offers you. Users can also access the best and latest framework they would be happy to have. Also, you can expect an integrated user system that applies to your needs in using semantic UI. Hence, you’re sure to gain excellent results in the animation operation you would do. Come now and you have good results in having the Semantic UI.

Machine Learning

  • NanoNets – Developers without excellent machine learning experience can use the NanoNets APIs. You can use little data that assures you excellent use of the tool. Founded in 2016, developers love it due to its fast and easy operation. Also, you would be happy to use it due to the easy setup it has. Developers could train models in a fast and easy way without using any machine tools. So, if you try NanoNets, you’re sure to gain satisfaction in each of the API processes you would do using this developer tool.


  • Awless – Are you familiar with CLI or Command Line Interface? Well, you would be amazed to use awless that’s small but has a powerful command interface. You can see high stars on GitHub in only a few months after its release.  Since it’s an open source, you’re sure to achieve success in the codes you use. The interface is great for you to perform other functions as well.
  • localStack – Do you want to know the fully functional AWS today? Then, you might try to look at the localStack.  You get ready to see features such as effective testing, regular integration, easy use, and speed. People can expect excellent results in each of the tests they would perform with LocalStack due to its easy usage. It would be a wonder to see the result of the testing you make.


  • Prepack – A Facebook team created the Prepack that can simplify the JavaScript so that it can operate faster than before. Here, you can see new code that operates excellently. You have the assurance of excellent results regarding the results it offers you. Imagine the great possibilities, and you would be happy with seeing a fast code. If you’re familiar with the Closure Compiler, it operates the Prepack. The Closure Compiler optimizes a file’s size. Meanwhile, you can expect a boost when it comes to the code performance and computations.


  • Castor  – You can display your data on screens such as TV or iPad using this developer tool. You can drag and drop the data for it to fit the screen. Yes, and there are other things you can do aside from that.  Users can even update their data fast and a comfortable way. All you need to do is use webhooks that offer you a great experience. You would be happy with the results you would gain.

React Native

  • Create React Native App – If you want to create React Native apps, then it would be excellent to use this developer tool. Its use and efficiency make it applicable for iOS that has no build config. Two engineers from Expo and Facebook created this developer tool that you can use in Windows and Linux. For sure, you would like the result it offers you in creating React Native App.

UI Library

  • Element – Engineers at Ele.me surprised people with the release of Element. This tool is based on UI library that proves to provide success to the GitHub community. Its release last October made a mark in the efficiency of Vue in the open source industry. There’s no stopping Element to become a giant in the open source community. You have to wait and see for wonders it has in the future.


  • React Sketch app – You expect to see the best design and engineering concept when you use React Sketch app. Why? This developer tool renders components into Sketch in no time.  The Airbnb did another great thing when it released this development tool. The world is in for a great surprise due to the effectiveness of this developer tool. Come now and check it out!

File Uploader

  • Uppy – Are you looking for an open source file uploader? Then, you give Uppy a shot.  This developer tool is applicable in any framework you’re using so you can expect excellent results from it. Also, there are no hassles in using Uppy due to its features. It’s easy and fast to use so you wouldn’t find any hassle when you build a file uploader. It’s one of the trending projects from GitHub you shouldn’t miss.


  • Lottie – If you’re familiar with mobile libraries, then you would love to use Lottie on your Android or iOS. You wouldn’t only capture images but also allow apps to use animations as well. The animations are terrific to see, and Airbnb did a great job in making this tool. Also, you would be surprised to see other effects that give you an exciting experience.

These top developer tools are gain popularity to most users and developers. You can achieve success and see the results you want to achieve. The top companies such as Facebook and Google also helps developers by creating tools such as those listed above. Hence, you have excellent reasons to check and try these top tools today!

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