6 Best Android Apps for Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee lover? Remember to use these apps.

Coffee Finder

Coffee Finder will help you find a famous coffee brand’s store that is close to your current location. Coffee Finder formerly only supports Starbucks but now it widens its supported branches with Dunkin’ Donuts, Peets Coffee, Tim Hortons, Caribou Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Coffee Bean and Au Bon Pain. Nutritional Information is a new feature for those who want to see this info in details of each coffee type.

Coffee Finder allows searching by using your current location and by address you enter. It can limit stores which open 24 hours or stores with drive-throughs or even stores that accept mobile pay.

The app will quickly show  you direction to a store with a simple click or start calling a store with a long-click.

Baristame – Coffee Guide FREE

Baristame lists many popular espresso based drinks and their common recipes. Each recipe is demonstrated with informative graphics, and espresso coffee recipe contains layer guides. The app has PRO version which remove ads and adds some new features. Baristame also shows each coffee type’s brew step instructions to make it easier for coffee lovers to brew their own coffee.

Coffee Counter

Do you often track how much coffee did you drink today? Coffee Counter will help you monitor of daily consumption of coffee. Number of cups you drink daily are displayed in nice graphical charts.

Coffee Keyboard

Coffee Keyboard is a theme for GO Keyboard.  You must download GO Keyboard first then apply this theme. Besides decorating your keyboard with coffee’s shades of brown, this theme also allows users to choose coffee-themed font. This theme is the best for those who want to see the coffee color appear on their faces instantly .

Espresso Coffee Guide

Espresso Coffee Guide is a directory of delicious espresso recipes, latte recipes and cappuccino recipes. You can switch between recipe pages with swiping , and each recipe page is shown with informative graphics.

Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes is the definitive app for coffee recipes. It features 100 easy and awesome coffee recipes. Data can be moved to SD card. Each coffee has high-resolution artwork for demonstration.

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