What is a Dongle?

Dongles are small hardware devices that can be used to expand the capabilities of a computer. They’re often utilized for connecting external devices to a computer, such as a scanner or a USB memory stick. Dongles were originally designed as a way to work around the limitations imposed by the design of early personal computers.


In recent years, dongles have been updated and enhanced with new features that make them more versatile than ever before. This has led many people in technology fields to refer to dongles as “smart” because they offer so much more functionality than their predecessors did without adding any significant weight or size.

Dongle storage is also becoming less of an issue thanks in part due to cloud-based solutions like Dropbox. Most dongles now have a standard USB connector that allows them to connect to a computer via a simple cable.

Dongles are especially useful in the field of business. They allow workers to go from one computer to another without being tied down by cumbersome cables and ports.

A worker can simply insert their dongle into a USB port on any company-approved machine and they’ll be good to go with all of the data stored on the dongle available for use without having to transfer it first.

Some companies even offer cloud storage for dongle content as an added security measure, which provides access from anywhere but renders sensitive information inaccessible if the device is lost or stolen.

In some cases, employees may choose not to use the cloud system and instead store information on their own hard drives. This means that there is a risk of losing important data if the dongle becomes damaged or lost, so it’s advisable to attach a backup drive to your device in case it malfunctions.

Dongles allow companies and individuals to copy and transfer files between computers quickly and easily without worrying about transferring ownership with each file or dealing with compatibility issues.

Socket Mobile makes an excellent line of dongles equipped with technology that enables them to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth functionality. These devices make sharing information even easier than before by allowing you to keep files up-to-date across multiple workplaces without having to purchase new hardware for each computer. Not only are wireless dongles faster, but they also help you work more securely.

In the past, dongles only allowed for a one-to-one connection between a computer and another device, but that has changed with the advent of wireless technology.

Dongles still support this older method of transfer, but they can also connect to other machines using a password or QR code.

This makes it easier for workers to share files while protecting sensitive data from security breaches due to lost hardware.

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