What are the Best Colors for a Fashion Website?

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world. There are many different types of clothing and designers, all competing for a slice of the pie. The key to success in this business is standing out from the crowd and having a unique style that can’t be found anywhere else. One way to do this is through colors on your website.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Colors


If your website targets female audience, then light colors are the best option for you. It is very common for women to enjoy light tone colors such as yellow, pink or blue. Women tend to gravitate towards these tones because they feel more feminine and softer than darker shades of color. You can also add depth into your website by using brighter shades of these color tones such as a bright yellow background with white text instead of just having a plain off-white background.

If your website targets male audience, then going with darker tones will be more appropriate. Men usually like neutral or dark colors such as black, maroon, navy blue and gray. However, do not overuse the darker shades since this may affect readability in your content – most men also prefer lighter toned backgrounds for their website.

If your site is for kids, then use bright colors such as red, yellow and primary blue. Kids may not be able to read text easily on a black background – so you should help them out by using brightly colored backgrounds in the same color tone as their favorite cartoon characters.

Understand the meaning of colors

Different colors may evoke different meanings depending on the culture and historical background of your audience. For example, red symbolizes danger (a red traffic light) or power (the red carpet). If you are going to use a particular color in your fashion website, then it is essential that you understand its cultural context as well as any deeper meaning behind that color.

It is also important that you use color combinations wisely because some colors may be associated with each other even if they are not the same hue. In western countries such as the United States, red and green are considered Christmas colors. If you were to include both of these colors on your website during this time of year, it may confuse your audience about what the current season is – or worse, they may think you have gone out of business due to a lack of seasonal marketing promotions. As much as possible, choose one primary color for your site’s background – then choose another color to complement it in navigation bars or buttons depending upon the context and theme of your content.

Best Colors to Use for a Fashion Websites

Best colors to use in designing a fashion website are the following 3 shades. These colors are easy on the eyes; they convey elegance and sophistication, and they are very appropriate for business websites. The darker tone of these colors can make your website look more professional – giving you that edge over your competitors.


Black is the best color to use when designing a corporate or commercial site because it exudes class and elegance. However, using this color alone may cause your site to look too dull and boring especially if you have a lot of content all over your pages or navigation bars. With black as your primary color, try accenting with lighter toned colors such as blue, white or yellow to add character contrast to your site.


Blue is a very popular color when designing fashion websites because it conveys a sense of style and personality. It is also one of the most preferred colors for corporate sites due to its professional look and feel, as well as an air of authority which makes people trust you more.

White & Yellow

This color combination shows innocence, youthfulness, fun and playfulness – perfect for blogs that are focused on fashion clothing tips and other things related to this industry. To add contrast to your website, use darker colors such as green or red only if they are part of the main content or if they are used sparingly in navigation bars or banners. Otherwise stick with black or blue as your primary color or with a combination of white and yellow.


You can also use other fun colors such as pink in your fashion website depending on the theme. However, you should choose not to combine this shade with blue or black because it may overpower these two tones.


Apart from choosing the right shade of color to complement your content, make sure that you also choose matching hues for every page element including navigation bars, banners or buttons. Using different shades of the same hue can create a better visual impact when compared with having various types of colors without any specific order or pattern. You can also combine tints and shades – this shows creativity and adds a bit more interest into your fashion website.


If you want to make a name for yourself in the competitive fashion industry, try incorporating colors into your website. This can be done by changing the background color and using bright shades on text links. You may also consider introducing some new fonts that are unique to your brand as well–the more attention-grabbing features of your site, the better! What other ways have you found success standing out from the crowd?

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