NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review – What To Expect

Ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Just like any other serious gamer who respects the industry, you obviously need one of the best rated products in this field. This is when NVIDIA Shield Android TV game console kicks in. Its high-end features and technologies perform by the book and offer an exquisite experience. Enjoy the precision and mobility associated with it, as well as the quality standards. This is by far one of the most versatile “toys” in this industry. It simply allows you to expand your horizons by making the gaming the way it is meant. So, what kind of features should you expect?



As you look at it, the console looks a bit too futuristic for today’s industry. The manufacturer has obviously tried to push these standards a little. It comes with side controls, which are symmetrical one to another. At the same time, the central part of the console offers an exquisite control with five buttons and just as many different features.

You can finally enjoy the top-notch GeForce GTX gaming capability without being in front of your TV. Just connect the console to it and stream your addictive games through a wireless connection. Both the graphics and sound are exquisite. You can stream from any part of your home, not to mention connecting to the Internet for a multiplayer game. Apart from gaming, the console is also focused on actual entertainment. Netflix and Hulu Plus give you access to the ultimate movies. Enjoy your favorite videos and music as well, not to mention applications, books, TV shows and others.

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor leaves no room for lag or other discomfort. Despite its exquisite power and quality graphics, it does not compromise the battery. The gadget works with Android KitKat OS, as well as full support. You can now access your favorite applications with no issues at all. How about a full living room entertainment experience? The Bluetooth controller allows playing your favorite games on a flat-screen TV, in the HD mode. Do not forget about the exquisite 4K technology either. If you like movies, you can enjoy them on the 4K TV. What else can be more exciting than that?


  • The possibility to play 4K media on 4K TVs
  • Streaming PC games from the cloud
  • Stream games from the PC
  • Expanded connectivity – Bluetooth, wireless, Mini-HDMI, micro-USB, audio jack
  • Extremely fast processor
  • Runs games, applications, movies, music and more


  • Might face PC connectivity errors if you are too far from it


As a short final conclusion, NVIDIA Shield Android TV is clearly worth your time and money. Although it is not among the latest gadgets in commerce, it has maintained its popularity since day one. The manufacturer has taken the entertainment experience to a brand new level. These days, the console is still able to dominate its competition. The quality itself is marvelous, while the outstanding gaming experience will make you fall in love with it. It might take a while to become familiar with all its secrets though.

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