Apple Reported to Be Testing E-Ink Technology for Future Foldable iPhones and iPads

As we all eagerly await Apple’s foldable devices, there may be some exciting new developments to report. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a trustworthy analyst, the company is currently testing various display technologies for the range, including e-ink.

E-ink displays are often used in devices with low power consumption, such as e-readers. They’re also lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for foldable devices. However, it’s unclear whether e-ink would be suitable for use as a primary display on a device like an iPhone or iPad.

Impressive Power-Efficency E-Ink Display

With a secondary display like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, also known as cover displays for foldable iPhones and iPads is in testing at Apple. The California-based technology giant may be working on different prototypes that include this feature – one likely being an eInk based device which would allow users additional reading material when they need it most!

This could be a few years down the line, but it’s an exciting prospect for tech lovers everywhere. E-ink displays are known for their low power consumption and excellent readability in direct sunlight, so it’s no surprise that Apple is keen to explore this technology.

Kuo has reported that the outermost panel could use the e-ink display technology, while the main screen would take advantage of something such as LCD or OLED. The reason why he mentions Apple can use this type on his secondary monitor? It is because with power saving abilities compared to anything currently available in market today – meaning you’ll never have trouble charging up before your next workday starts!

With the e-ink cover display, Apple could use it to show important updates and notifications of all kinds while keeping the battery from draining hard. You can even expect impressive battery life from one single charge cycle thanks also being able reduce light exposure by 90%.

Kuo’s report is not positive news for those who were waiting to hear about Apple’s first foldable device. However, he did provide an update on Twitter and there are talks that a 20-inch MacBook with e-ink technology could come out in 1 or 2 years — though it won’t have any kind of secondary display (like what you find on Amazon). The main panel may instead use OLED panels without polarizing layers which would make them perfect for reading outdoors under bright sunlight conditions!

The most exciting thing about this new display technology is that it will allow for more usable space inside the foldable iPhone or iPad, consume less power and emit higher brightness levels. This means a longer lifespan on your OLED screen! Unfortunately we won’t see these benefits right away because Apple has planned to release their first commercial product with an update in 2025 – but don’t count them out yet; they may come back soon enough (or maybe even sooner!).

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