How to Ping a Remote Computer or a Website

Have you ever wanted to ping a remote computer or website? In this blog post, I will show you how. Ping is a simple utility that sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to the destination address and waits for the reply from it. A successful reply would be in milliseconds while a failed one should take more than 200ms and all of them should have TTL=255.

Pinging a computer or a website allows you to find out whether it is online or how long it takes to respond to your request.

Ping is a utility used to test whether an IP address has a responsive host at the other end. Ping sends data to and fro, with the packet size set by default as 64 bytes. The information returned includes any packets that were lost or corrupted during transit. Ping is most often used in network troubleshooting when you need to know if there are problems between two systems on the same LAN, or across a VPN tunnel for example. In order for ping to work properly, it requires permission from the system administrator, which will allow ping commands from anywhere on your network (or even outside of your network) depending on how permissions are configured in Windows’ Firewall settings and/or router security features. It can also be useful for testing connectivity with another remote computer or website.

Ping works from a shell prompt.

How to Ping in Windows 10

Steps to ping in Windows 10:

  • Open Command Promt or Windows Powershell.
  • Type ping ip_address. For example:
    • ping
    • ping
  • Use ping -t if you want to continuously ping the IP.
    • ping -t

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