aXMLRPC – A lightweight Android XML-RPC Client

aXMLRPC is a lightweight Java XML-RPC client which can be used on Android. The library has no dependencies to any 3rd-party library so it can function normally in any common Java virtual machine.

Include aXMLRPC in Android Studio

Firstly, you must include mavenCentral() in repositories list in build.gradle file.

allprojects {
    repositories {

Then import this library with

implementation 'fr.turri:aXMLRPC:1.12.0'


In the example code below, I tried to login to “”.

 val listener = object : XMLRPCCallback{
    override fun onResponse(id: Long, result: Any?) {
        activity!!.runOnUiThread(object : Runnable{
            override fun run() {
                Toast.makeText(activity!!.applicationContext, "Welcome!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show() 

    override fun onServerError(id: Long, error: XMLRPCServerException?) {        

    override fun onError(id: Long, error: XMLRPCException?) {


try {
    val client = XMLRPCClient(URL(""))
    val response = client.callAsync(listener, "authenticate",
        "" )    
} catch (e: Exception){    

More ways to use the library can be found on

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