What Is An XML File And Best Ways To Open It?

Have you seen a file that is saved with a .xml in its end? Well, if yes, the .xml is called the file extension. These file extensions are the suffix of the files located in its end with a period before the suffix. Sometimes it consists of three to four words, and through this suffix, it associated with what type of file the data is.

What is XML?

The XML is the acronym of the Extensible Markup Language file. It consists of raw text files that are used for custom tags. This is also to describe the structure and the feature that the document has. The XML is made by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C. It is a syntax coding that both humans and machines can understand. Through these tags, it helps define the type of the document and how it should be saved and transported.

What Are The Best Ways To Open An XML File?

Opening an XML file directly is possible, and it has few steps that you should do.

Text/Code Editor

You can edit and open the XML through any text editor. An example of a text editor is the Sublime Text; wherein, when you open the XML file, you will see the code or text of the file.

You can modify its content using the editor.

Here is a file I open using Sublime Text 3:

Web Browser

Another thing that can help you view the XML file is opening them through a web browser, a web browser that supports an XML file. This method only allows you to view the content.

Online Editor

There are many web app that can lets you edit, view, and convert the XML into another format. There are 3 popular ones, which are TutorialsPoint.comXMLGrid.net, and CodeBeautify.org. There, you have to open the XML file that you want to open. View and edit are possible through this we, so it is also good to use. So basically, once you change it to another arrangement of your choice, the kit will be easier for you to view the content of the file.

Overall, if you want to open an XML, you will only need to follow or use the three different options that are stated above. If there are some things that you don’t understand, well, there’s always someone and something that can help you, such as these social media sites. As a single click, you will already know the answer to your questions.

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