5 Best Galaxy S6 Cases

Protect your galaxy S6 with the following cases:

Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Slim
Spigen’s Galaxy S6 Case Slim is a one-piece, snap on protector made to fit the device like a glove and help guard against everyday bumps and scratches. Designed to allow the device to retain its sleek, eye-pleasing appearance, the Spigen case cushions the back, front and edges of the Galaxy S6 with a material that is solid but not bulky, stylish but not overpowering. The device’s ports and buttons are exposed for ease of access and the case’s black matte finish makes it easy to hold and harder to drop. A lip around the screen ensures that the Galaxy’s screen is well-protected. It’s available for less than $15.

Caseology Fusion Clear Case
The Caseology Fusion Clear Case for Galaxy S6 with gold-colored accents lets the beauty of the device shine through and provides two levels of protection. The outer rim encircling the Galaxy is made of tough polycarbonate as the first line of defense. The second layer of defense cushions the device when it is dropped or bumped. A raised, clear covering of heavy-duty plastic shields the Galaxy’s screen but retains the device’s touch-screen functionality. The back of the case is clear as well, giving users the option of leaving the device in view or add an image behind it to personalize the device. It’s also available in pink, red, black and silver, and costs less than $15.

Verus Air Space Cushion Case
Another double-layered Galaxy S6 protector is the Verus Air Space Cushion Case. The hard-plastic shell of the case has a two-tone, matte finish and a texturized back to make the device feel secure in the hand and prevent sliding off surfaces. The case is very slim and doesn’t complicate the silhouette of the S6. The hard-shell exterior’s protective factor is bolstered by an inner layer of cushiony rubberized polymer. Corners of the device feature air-spaced technology that helps absorb impact before it reaches your device. It comes in a rainbow of colors: pink, lavender, red, silver, gold, mint and yellow and sells for around $20.

Spigen Slim Armor Case in Gun Metal
The Spigen Slim Armor Case in Gun Metal also provides a double layer of protection for the Galaxy S6. A hard polycarbonate outer shell covers a softer material that gives the device a buffer when it’s dropped, dispersing the impact. A cushion of air is built into the corners, adding a neutral zone between the device’s delicate edges and the point of impact. A built-in kickstand on the back gives the user a hands-free viewing. There are five color options for the case, which goes for less than $20.

Evocel Heavy Duty Rugged Armor Case with Stand
For a more rugged, sporty look and feel, there’s the Evocel Heavy Duty rugged Armor Case with Stand. It features a touch-looking tire-tread design on a hard-shell exterior that covers an inner layer of softer material for more cushion. The Galaxy screen is given the edge against damage with an enhanced lip around it. There’s a convenient locking stand for viewing in landscape mode. The Evocel is lighter than it looks and features neon accents to make it stand out. The case, made in California, is available for under $10.

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