5 Best Galaxy Note 4 Cases

These are the best Galaxy Note 4 cases to protect the device from scratch and make it looks more beautiful.

i-Blason Armorbox
The i-BlasonArmorbox offers double-layered, polycarbonate protection from the elements and clumsiness. The hard shell protects the Galaxy Note 4 when it’s dropped, and bumpers built into the core of the case help disperse the impact. This Armorboxmodel comes with its own screen protector that is compatible with fingerprint-scanning technology and the S Pen. Every opening, or port, on the Galaxy 4 is protected from dust and debris but still easily accessible. The black Armorboxhas a rugged appearance but the case is also available in blue, green pink and white.

i-Blason Slim Leather Wallet
Durable, functional, stylish and affordable describe the i-Blason Slim Leather Wallet for the Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy fits snugly into the right side of the wallet-style case and the left side holds cash, identification credit cards or business contacts. When closed, a magnetized strap keeps the wallet’s contents secure and your screen is safe from scratches. Add a screen protector for more protection. The leather case also doubles as a two-way stand for watching videos or conferencing. It’s slim enough to fit into a pocket or purse and comes in black, pink, black with purple dots or pink with white dots.

Spigen Aluminum Premium Bumper Case
The Spigen Aluminum Premium Bumper Case combines the strength of metal with the protective buffering of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) into a durable and attractive case for the Galaxy Note 4 without adding heft and bulk. A lip of material keeps the Galaxy’s screen away from the surface of the case, shielding it from scratches and smudges. Aluminum edges are smooth around the corners and texture on the sides helps keep the device in your hand. Volume and power button covers are aluminum as well, and port openings are big enough to handle large headphone jacks.

Maxboost Premium Slim Fit Leather Case
Maxboost Premium Slim Fit Leather Case opens and closes like a book, swaddling the screen of the Galaxy Note 4 in a two layers of leather. The back and sides are made of a solid plastic that keep the device securely in place. The folio has slots on the inside left for credit cards and identification and the cover folds all the way back so it’s completely out of the way. The Maxboost is slim, smooth and light for fitting into pockets or purses, is available only in black.

Otterbox Case Commuter Series
Otterbox Case Commuter Series for the Galaxy Note 4 puts the powerful protection of Otterbox into a two-piece slider that adds little weight or unnecessary bulk to your device. It comes with its own self-adhesive screen protector to guard against scratches, and port covers keep the openings safe from dust and debris. The outer shell is made of smooth, hard plastic that doesn’t snag when sliding in and out of a pocket. A firm but flexible inner layer cushions the Galaxy against the shock of drops or bumps. The Commuter Case comes in a variety of colors.

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