What is DLC Season Pass?

DLC referred to as downloadable content are highly seen in almost all modern games. These content are developed as an add-on or extension to games and they are available to purchase individually. They can be anything from new maps, new missions, new weapons, to enhanced features such as bonus golds.

What is DLC Season Pass?

As there are many available DLCs of a certain game, its developer starts to bundle them and call the new package as “season pass”. It provides a set or all available DLCs and are usually sold for a discount to encourage buying intent. Season Pass includes all future DLCs as well.

This business model started with L.A. Noire’s “Rockstar Pass,” which allows buyers to access to new missions, new outfits, and a new challenge mode. That became the normal approach in a season pass as we have seen in many games so far. There is a new approach involved episodic games, which let gamers buy individual episodes or all episodes at a discounted price.

The Good

  • Gamers can buy more for less. For gamers who like to buy DLCs, it is always good to buy a lot of things at a discounted price.
  • Developer has extra fund to investigate in developing new content. Season Pass includes unreleased DLC so developer can get extra money before new content are released.

The Bad

  • Possible abuse from developers. There have been many report states that developers keep content from main game and put them in DLC bundles to take more money from buyers. This is surely not a good practice from consumers’ point of views.


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