What is DLC Season Pass?

DLC referred to as downloadable content is highly seen in almost all modern games. This content is developed as an add-on or extension to games and they are available to purchase individually. They can be anything from new maps, new missions, and new weapons, to enhanced features such as bonus golds.

DLC has become a staple in the gaming industry. One way for players to access this extra content is through a Season Pass. But what exactly is a DLC Season Pass?

What is DLC Season Pass?

As there are many available DLCs of a certain game, its developer starts to bundle them and call the new package a “Season Pass”.

A DLC Season Pass is a pre-purchase package offered by game developers that grants players access to all future DLC releases for a specific game. These DLC releases can include new levels, characters, weapons, and other in-game items.

The Season Pass typically offers players a discount on the total cost of purchasing all the DLC separately. It provides a set of all available DLCs and is usually sold for a discount to encourage buying intent. Season Pass includes all future DLCs as well.

The concept of a Season Pass originated with console gaming but has since become popular on PC as well. It’s a way for developers to generate revenue for their games even after the initial release, and for players to save money while getting access to all the new content.

This business model started with L.A. Noire’s “Rockstar Pass,” which allows buyers to access new missions, new outfits, and a new challenge mode. That became the normal approach in a season pass as we have seen in many games so far. There is a new approach involving episodic games, which let gamers buy individual episodes or all episodes at a discounted price.

The Good

  • Gamers can buy more for less – As you mentioned, one benefit of a DLC Season Pass is that it offers players a discounted price on the total cost of purchasing all the DLC separately. This can be a great way for players to save money while getting access to all the new content.
  • The developer has extra funds to investigate developing new content – Another benefit is that the developer can use the revenue generated from the Season Pass to invest in creating new content, which can lead to even more updates and improvements for the game. This allows developers to continue to support their game after the initial release, which can be beneficial for both the developer and the players.

It’s worth noting that these benefits can vary depending on the game and the developer, so it’s always a good idea for players to research the game and the DLC content before purchasing a Season Pass.

The Bad

  • Possible abuse from developers. One of the biggest concerns with DLC Season Passes is the potential for developers to abuse the system by releasing unfinished or low-quality content, or by holding back content that should have been included in the base game. This can lead to players feeling like they have been ripped off and can damage the reputation of the game and the developer. There have been many reports stating that developers keep content from the main game and put them in DLC bundles to take more money from buyers. This is surely not a good practice from consumers’ point of view.
  • Limited audience – Not all players are interested in all types of DLC content, and buying a DLC Season Pass can force players to pay for content that they may not be interested in. This can lead to players feeling like they have wasted their money.
  • Cost – Another downside of the DLC Season Pass is the cost. It can be expensive to purchase all the DLC content separately, especially if there are a lot of DLC releases. This can be a major barrier for some players, especially those on a budget.

DLC Season Passes can be a bad practice for various reasons, such as possible abuse from developers, limited replay value, cost, limited audience, limited lifespan, and lack of choice. It’s important for players to consider these factors before purchasing a DLC Season Pass and for developers to be transparent and fair in their DLC releases.

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