What is a Hotkey?

A hotkey is a key on the computer keyboard that will activate a certain action or command on your screen. For example, you can use F1 to open up an internet browser, or F2 to open Word. The most commonly used keys are the function keys (F1-F12), but there are many others as well. You can usually program what they do!

One way to improve your productivity is by using keyboard shortcuts. A hotkey is a key that can be assigned an action, such as opening programs or performing tasks in software applications like word processors and spreadsheets. Most operating systems have libraries of built-in keys with these standardized across various platforms; however, some proprietary products offer specialized ones too!

Examples of Hotkeys

  • Ctrl + S: Save the editing file on any Windows’ software like Word, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Ctrl + C: Copy text or image.
  • Ctrl + P: Paste the latest entry from Windows clipboard manager.
  • F1: Show information about the software.
  • F5: Refresh a tab on web browser.
  • Ctrl + F5: Refresh and empty cache of a website being viewed on Chrome.

Benefits of Using Hotkeys

One benefit of using hotkeys is they can be programmed to do just about anything you want them to do! For example, if you wanted F5-F8 on a PC keyboard to open up your browser, calculator and email respectively. You could then use the function keys as hotkeys for the programs that you use most often.

The benefits of these shortcuts definitely outweigh their time-saving worthiness. For one, you save a considerable amount of time that would have been spent using the mouse to access those programs by typing out a command/shortcut instead.

This way is faster because it takes less effort–you only need to use your fingers as opposed to moving your entire arm from its position! In addition, keyboard shortcuts enable you to perform many commands without even looking at your computer screen which means you can multi-task!

How to Create Custom Hotkeys

There are several computer software programs that have the ability to customize hotkeys, but one of the most commonly used is AutoHotkey. You can create custom scripts with it so you don’t need any other program if you’re just looking to create a shortcut.

You can assign special tasks or open up your favorite programs using your computer keyboard without delay. And if you have more than one monitor, then these shortcuts are an absolute lifesaver! You’d be surprised at how much time you’d save once you start using these shortcuts! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization options.

The best part about this is there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative and coming up with your own ideas for useful shortcuts! Just make sure not to limit yourself when it comes to how you use these, so try writing down what you usually do on your computer and see if there’s anything you could automate or speed up. That way, when the time comes for you to code shortcuts, you’ll know exactly which ones work best!

After Thoughts

Having a computer is essential in today’s society. Almost all jobs require software that can be created using certain programs. If people are unable to operate computers efficiently they cannot get their jobs done! It’s important that people learn about hotkeys because it will help them be more productive! Hotkey examples are F1-F12 keys that will open different programs on your computer screen. You can create custom scripts with AutoHotKey to make special tasks easier to complete.

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