Remove duplicate values from an array in PHP

array_unique() function can remove the duplicate elements or values from an array. It takes an input array and returns a new array without duplicate values.

$array = array("Samsung", "Apple", "Xiaomi", "Apple", "Huawei");
$result = array_unique($array);
//output: Array ( [0] => Samsung [1] => Apple [2] => Xiaomi [4] => Huawei )

If an array has string keys instead of integer ones, the function will keep a key’s first appearance for all values and ignore the others.

$array = array(
	'color' => "Green",
	'weight' => "0.5kg",
	'length' => "100cm",
$result = array_unique($array);
//output: Array ( [color] => Green [weight] => 0.5kg [length] => 100cm [1] => Red )

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